The Autopilot/Monkey See Monkey Do Effect...

I have recently been seeing so many videos on youtube, where I usually peruse. The essential founder Priscilla from The Readables posted a video where she describes:

  • Autopiloting on Booktube/Community

    • Doing certain required posts and not much more, including TBRs, Wrap Ups and hauls
    • This sense of auto pilot is a dangerous thing as it could make the community stale with old ideas.
    • This is a very unique idea that I want to even change on my blog, however this is not what I wanted to talk about today

I wanted to talk today about how one person, or group of people initiate a huge change among a community. Priscilla is an amazing person who has some great content on her channel and in no way and I attacking the big name booktubers such as herself; however I find it bizarre how one person will comment something and everyone will jump on it and try to "change" it. 

My issue with this single handed almost control over a group of people is that they all will try to change and break away from the old and will just end up copying what the rest do, which is fascinating. We all should go all out and make one creative tag or post or skit, whatever we want to create diversity in our community. This diversity comes from all of us and not just us following blindly what a few famous people say is an issue. We all can come out and stand on our own and as this rant is long enough, I want you to comment and tell me what you think...

My Points:

  • Lets all think on our own
  • Do not get into a blind rut where we follow what is popular 
  • Create content you are happy with not what gets a subscriber or a reader... 

P.s: Please readers of this blog, I am begging you tell me what you want to see change in any way and I will do my best to make if happen. 

Check out Priscilla's Channel and her video through this link:


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