Deck the Halls TAG (Original)

This tag was created by myself in order to show my love for the holidays and all things Christmas!

  1. Antique Ornaments: What is your most cherished book.
    1. Mistborn By: Brandon Sanderson
      1. It is my most cherished book because when I read it connected me with the amazing friends through the fantasy genre. It also is the best book as of yet that I have read, I am well over due to re read the books :)
  2. Shining Lights: A few of your Favorite Bookish Items.
    1. My Sword Bookmark
    2. My Signed bookplate from Lainey Taylor
  3. Broken Light Bulb: Name a book that "Blew" you away!
    1. The Wolf Gift By: Anne Rice
      1. This book holds a dear spot in my heart, it was the first book my girlfriend and I had ever read together. It takes werewolves to a new level of mysticism and not just a harry scary man, pure genius!
  4. Tinsel: That annoying character you just cannot escape!
    1. Princess Lia from The Kiss of Deception By: Mary E Pearson
      1. This character is your average damsel in distress who happens to fall for someone who may be out to kill her which is an absurd trope to begin with...
  5. Shining Star: Name your most beautiful book.
    1. The Accidental Highwayman By: Ben Tripp
      1. Stunning guilt covers, and shadowing!
  6. Wrapping + Bows: A book you want to give every one
    1. I am The Messenger By: Markus Zusak 
      1. A retelling of A Christmas Carol in my eyes, amazing message and story for everyone who reads it!


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