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I grew up with a stigmatism in my eye, and a poor reading level which I had to overcome in order to enjoy books and writing of any kind. This is something that took me some time to figure out and get a hang of, but once I did I was unstoppable. I think that is the reason I am obsessively reading even today, to keep my skills sharp and get as many stories in my head before something can go wrong with my eyesight. I enjoy every story that I read, just getting to see the world(fictionalized or not) through a different perspective. 

I have been a reader since I was young, beginning with The Magic Treehouse books by Mary Pope Osborne, then leading into the Harry Potter Series which my mother read to me for a while. Unfortunately we only got halfway through the fourth book; I am hoping to finish the series in the summer of 2016 almost eleven years after we started them. I then moved into a very strange reading pattern, nonfiction books surrounding animal care. 

I had a very strong wish to have pets and animals surrounding me, in wanting these animals I would read absolutely everything that I could find on each animal and write a proposal to my parents. I know this seems very strange since I now read primarily fiction, however I am very happy with my change to the fiction genre! 

As I grow as a reader and a person in society I am finding how important it is for myself and others to read and attain new views about the many issues that afflict the world today. I am trying to combat my seemingly limited views on societal issues with a broadening of the genres and authors that I am reading. Being in University has helped to broaden my views, even though I am in a strictly scientific field of studying Biology. I really love this degree that I am studying for, however I substitute the lack of literature through the books I read and I am able to therefore create my own "literature course". Around August I choose some classics to read through my school term, check in then to see what I choose. 


  • Current Favorite Book: Mistborn Trilogy By: Brandon Sanderson
    • The writing style and world building in these books is astounding! I love the characters and every single plot point that was made. I really want to see how I feel on this trilogy within the next few years doing a reread of the whole series. 
  • Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Literary.


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