Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Buddy Reading

Definintion: Reading a book or a series with a friend...

My Friends I Read with:
Shannon (Shannon's Youtube)
Amanda (Amanda's Youtube)
Whitney (Whitney's Youtube)
Hopefully you!

Why I Buddy Read:
I buddy read primarily to spend time talking with people who enjoy the stories that I read, and to make connections all around the world... Where I live the reading community is limited to myself, girlfriend and the librarian so I have reached for the stars and found two of my best friends online and will be continuing to buddy read and discuss books with them. These people mean a lot with their honest charisma about books and their banter about books makes reading a true hobby not just a pastime to me.

My Buddy reading Plans With Amanda
We are planning on reading Brandon Sanderson's book 2-ect of the Mistborn Trilogy and the Alloy of Law series..
Hopefully many, many more


Monday, January 19, 2015

World After By Susan Ee Spoiler free!

I thought to open this review I would let you all know that when I am reviewing the sequels to novels, I will not be as in depth because I have already talked about the authors style, & characters in the review of the prior novel. Thus this review will only include Plot, Character development, and general thoughts...

General Thoughts:
This book was even more fast paced and addictive than the first one, how that is possible I do not know, but it blew my mind! This novel picks up the loose ends left in angel fall and ties them to your heart and tugs on them the whole way.

To me this novel is the best one of the two that are currently out. The plot follows the main character Penryn and her family on the hunt for the angel that was lost in book one, however this changes when they are together it becomes a story of science and intrigue when the group is brought to a scorpion factory and sees how and who go into the monsters. The story focused towards why the angels came down and how they felt they were doing their part, which I found fascinating but could see how some would consider it boring...

Character Development: SPOILERS BELLOW!
  • Penryn and Raffe's relations ship intensified towards the end, giving some closure to what we all saw coming... :)
  • Penryn grows to be the main caregiver for her unstable family, which is even more crucial now that they have Paige back and in horrendous state.
  • Raffe finally breaks the bad boy mold and shows his compassionate side...
  • The angels all become more outspoken and almost understandable to the reader with their ideas of Judgment day...


Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Picture Of Dorian Gray REVIEW!

This book follows Dorian Gray, a dashing young man who is learning the ropes and social ambiguities of London and England in general. The story follows Dorian over roughly twenty years showing his development and change with great detail and witt.
I will describe the characters in a very vague sense because I feel that everyone regardless of their opinions should read this book and see it beauty and its message. The characters are very well written and have many layers to them, Dorian begins as a beautiful man who is a painter’s muse; this perfection and vanity soon go to his head and corrupt the dazzling spirit that he had. Dorian’s friend Lord Henry has gone into great detail through the book to teach Dorian the likes of being a civilized man in the 19th century, and the finer points and theories of life. In the end the characters are bold and extravagant with a hint of philosophical tones laced throughout, this is the reason that the characters fascinated me.


  • The theme of Vanity and its corruption.
  • Humans are creatures of need and desire to be admired.
  • The breaking point of man.


“’Years ago, when I was a boy,’ said Dorian Gray, crushing the flower in his hand, ’you met me, flattered me, and taught me to be vain of my good looks. One day you introduced me to a friend of yours, who explained to me the wonder of youth, and you finished the portrait of me that revealed to me the wonder of beauty. In a mad moment that, even now, I don’t know whether I regret or not, I made a wish, perhaps you would call it a prayer…’”(Wilde,71%)

This is quite a simple quote that Dorian is saying, he is saying that Basil (the Painter) had introduced him to the corrupt notions of beauty, which started Gray’s downward spiral into the pits of sins and disgust. Dorian made one prayer that the picture would take on the age and the sins he has done and not himself, keeping himself youthful and divine. The moral of this passage and section of the novel is in part to be careful what you wish for, and to lay everything on the line if you’re going to do something, do it wholeheartedly.


This is the one book that I have read for English that I have actually thoroughly enjoyed aside from 1984, however this book has something in it for everyone. The range of topics include forbidden love, morality, crime and intrigue and a touch of macabre story telling.

This is a sure recommend to anyone who wants something to read that is a piece of the cannon!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Appretiating Classics

Why I am Posting this: I have recently made it my mission to stay up to par with schooling and the Cannon. I have been reading many more classics this year and in the past few months and I would like to create a discussion post for us to talk Classics.

Why I love Classics:
  • They grant a sense of accomplishment when you finish one.
  • You have to work at the language and dialects to discern the message (challenge)
  • The Prose and stories are giving a glimpse into what life was like many years ago.
What makes a Great classic to me?
  • Eloquent language
  • Minute details fleshed out in full color
  • Vivid imagery
  • Witty Dialog
  • An Underlying message, or sense of meaning
My Favorite Classic of all Time:
I have recently finished this novel, however I know that nothing will ever be able to uphold the power or language and plot twist mastery than The Picture Of Dorian Gray By: Oscar Wilde will be able to for me... Be on the look out for a REVIEW coming soon.
This has given me a new love for the old classics, I will try to read everything that Oscar Wilde has ever written from now on, his writing is stunning and cryptic at the same time...

Please Please comment down in the comments to talk with me about the clasics you have read, and why you think we should read them as well as what you think makes a good classic...

Happy Reading!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Steelheart By: Brandon Sanderson Review ( Spoiler Free)

Tag Line: What if the famed superheroes of the world were out to destroy humanity, can one small group stop them?

Plot/Summary: This novel follows David a young teen who lives in Newcago a steel version of Chicago, created by one of the most powerful epics Steelheart. This is David's quest to get revenge for Steelheart killing his father. Readers get snips from David's childhood when the immortal Steelheart kills his father and accidentally is wounded and bleeds; those who fear him most do not know that he can be wounded... (If I tell anymore it will not impact you as much, HAPPY READING!)

Characters: Doing this with no spoilers I will only be reviewing David's character...
David- He is a young boy who has been obsessed with the epics and their faults since his father was killed by Steelheart, all of which comes into play when he encounters the Reconers which is an notorious epic hunting crew. David has a multifaceted character, because of these layers he is realistic and gritty to the point you feel like he could walk up to you and talk. This depth gives the story a remarkably immersive feel and allow you to be sucked in to the story from page one!

Read me If...:
If you like the stereotypical super hero and are a fan of just badassery and an EPIC story (pun intended) such as Vicious By: VE Schwab then this is a MUST READ.

Rating: ****/*****

I WILL be picking up FIrerfight this month!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Mistborn: The Final Empire REVIEW (Spoiler Free)

Tag Line: The Best Fantasy Book ever written...! ( No Lie!)

              In this world there are two very different classes of people, the Skaa which are the lowest of the low and do all the Noble men's slave labor; the Noble Men are the higher class who are involved in the court system. The Lord Ruler is the God like figure that has presided over the empire for a thousand years with his iron fist crushing any hope of change for the Skaa. The magic system in this world is very unique it is called Alomancy, which is where you can ingest metals if you have the ability and burn them to take their powers, for example tin enhances sight & pewter enhances strength...ect. The Skaa finally get the spark of hope when a man named Yeden hires the great thieving crew of Kelsier (Survivor of Hathsin pits) to take down the empire; Kelsier like many non Skaa has the ability of Allomancy, as many of his crew does. But when Kelsier sees Vin a young Skaa theif and feels her using Allomancy he takes her under his wing and enlists her to take down The Final Empires Lord Ruler...  READ THE FINAL EMPIRE TO DISCOVER THE REBELLION!

Pacing: This fantasy novel does not have the typical first book syndrome where it is sluggish and difficult to get into, which deffinately is a plus. When the heist begins to unfold this book has you engrossed into the story and flipping pages as fast as humanly possible.

Characters: I will go into some detail of each, however not a lot because getting to know the characters is half the fun.
Kelsier- The crews charismatic leader, he is a Mistborn and is the one who trains the crew. His witty banter and somewhat snarky sayings will be stuck in your head for months after.
Vin- The ever amazing Skaa Allomancer who is recruited to join the team as a spy on the nobles. She is my favorite character for her blunt and very snarky comments to anyone including the nobles.
Elend- Met in the second half of this book, he is the Heir to the House Venture and becomes key to the rebellion in the facts given out. He has a sweet demeanor and is quite aloof, very possibly my favorite male lead in a fantasy novel.

Rating: *****/*****

Goodreads Link
BookDepository Link (For the Box Set)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Bookish & Blogger Resolutions!


My resolutions for this year will be different from many other years, because I have a place to record them this year and hold myself accountable for them.... So Cheer Me On Guys :)

  • My Goodreads Goal is 50 books in 2015!
  • I want to finish rereading the Harry Potter Series...
  • I Would like to do ATLEAST one blog post weekly.
  • I would like to review every book that I read this year...
  • PROJECT 3! This is where I would like to read three books before buying another, to cut down my owned TBR piles.
  • Read more classics (1-12) anything would be more than I read last year!
  • Read Up to the current Game Of Thrones book (A Dance With Dragons)

2015 Here goes nothing... I will be Graduating High school and moving into a dorm room in the fall, which is my main reasons for joining the blogging community to make a spot for myself in the world I love, talking and ranting about books...

Thank You Everyone who has been reading my blog, I hope to see comments and more followers in this New Year!