Buddy Reading

Definintion: Reading a book or a series with a friend...

My Friends I Read with:
Shannon (Shannon's Youtube)
Amanda (Amanda's Youtube)
Whitney (Whitney's Youtube)
Hopefully you!

Why I Buddy Read:
I buddy read primarily to spend time talking with people who enjoy the stories that I read, and to make connections all around the world... Where I live the reading community is limited to myself, girlfriend and the librarian so I have reached for the stars and found two of my best friends online and will be continuing to buddy read and discuss books with them. These people mean a lot with their honest charisma about books and their banter about books makes reading a true hobby not just a pastime to me.

My Buddy reading Plans With Amanda
We are planning on reading Brandon Sanderson's book 2-ect of the Mistborn Trilogy and the Alloy of Law series..
Hopefully many, many more



  1. You all Should comment your buddyreading tips and tricks...


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