Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Goals 11-28-16

Reading Plans: 
Week of 11-28-16

Hello all!

This week is going to be a very hectic week for me, however I do intend to set aside atleast one hour a day to listening to my current audiobook I am reading. I love reading audiobooks as of lately, and I find that listening and reading along helps me to read along at a faster pace than normal. With the week being very busy I am not planning to finish anything in the week, however I NEED to plow on in some of the books I have going at the moment. 

That book that I am going to be focussing on right now is: 
  • Jerusalem 
    • By: Alan Moore 
    • This book was kindly sent by the publisher Liveright which is an imprint of Norton. This book is a book that I am enjoying, however it requires some great dedication that is not always easy to give to a big book over a month (or in my case, many month) time frame. This book also holds an odd connotation of the girl I lost and it makes reading it very hard as I think about the past, but alas the world moves forward. 
Aside from reading this book daily I intend to stay alive for the weekend at which point I will be reading and watching Netflix to relax. This weekend I am going to try catch up on Reign which is a purely delightful show about Mary Queen of Scots!  This is one of my two favorite shows of the moment, including Arrow, also a CW show. 

Aside from Netflix, school work, and trying to keep warm this week as the snow builds up outside, I also intend to write a review for either Wednesday or Friday for Man Up by: Jack Urwin. This book struck a great chord in my soul and I need you all to hear exactly why I love it; it may be non-fiction, none the less is it important for everyone to look closer at. I think Urwin will have a bright career after the release of this book at such a young age, he is destined for great things. I know for one that I will be eagerly awaiting his next piece of journalism or book to be published!

I have some exciting posts in the coming weeks, such as my Holiday Gift Guide, My Holiday Wishlist, and My Top books of The Year! I cannot wait to share the upcoming posts with you, so be sure to check in daily as these next posts may arrive on a day when I have not otherwise scheduled to post on; I like to keep some mysticism in my schedule. 

Happy Reading! 

I hope all is well with each and every one of you, and that you will be able to pick up some amazing reads soon. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Cold Hard Dedication...

Feeling the Bern in Montpelier!
Well worth the long, cold wait!

As you all know, I am from a small state called Vermont in the United States of America. If you have been following the past few weeks in the news you will know that candidate Donald J. Trump one the US general election. This is something that I do not think is good in any way! I respect all people's views and beliefs so long as you actually went out to vote on election day, however I digress. I am here today to show you my amazing day that I had on Tuesday meeting my senator and past presidential candidate Bernard (Bernie) Sanders. 

Bernie was touring the state of Vermont on Tuesday for the release of his new book Our Revolution: A Future To Believe In that was released on November 15th 2016. This mini-tour was such an incredible opportunity for those in the US to meet the man who has vehemently stood against Trump since the beginning, and continues to counteract Trumps extreme ideas. Bernie has spoke out for many things such as the Dakota Pipeline that will run through a Native people's land which is a bad idea to begin with (the pipeline). Regardless this is not a politically driven post, if you have not heard of Mr.Sanders please look him up online or better yet buy his book! 

This event was held at my favorite bookshop in the WORLD, BearPond Books in Montpelier Vermont USA. The event was scheduled to begin at 3PM when customers were allowed to purchase pre signed books of which there was a limited quantity, and then at 4PM Bernie was scheduled to arrive and greet his fans for photos. Tuesday was the day I left University for Thanksgiving break, I left at 9AM from New York and drove as fast as I could the four hours to get back for this signing. My friend Brianna and I arrived in Montpelier at 1:30PM, at which time the line in front of the bookstore already included 100 people. We sprinted from out car to get in line, then we waited the one and a half hours until we were permitted to purchase our signed copies. The determination to get these books and meet the man himself was incredibly heartwarming. All the supporters outside the bookstore were friendly and approachable, we rejoiced in our shared love of Bernie and his messages. 

The wait to purchase our books went faster than I originally had expected with the friends that we made at the event time seemed to fly by! When the line began to move everyone was tense and nervous in hopes that they would get the chance to buy their two pre-signed books. Brianna and I made it inside the bookshop at 3:45 this time in the store allowed just enough time to thaw out and grab the two signed copies we wanted, and then shuffle out into the cold again. With our books in hand and ticket guaranteeing our meeting with Bernie we were able to relax and enjoy the company around us and the brisk Vermont weather of late November. At this time there was only fifteen minutes until Bernie was scheduled to arrive and begin the meet and greet! 

Bernie Arrived! We (Crowds) began to scream and yell to him as he made the walk across the street from our state house, all surrounding cars were honking and flashing their lights. This moment is a moment that I will never forget, the entirety of the crowd came together to welcome Bernie to the Capital city once again! Pure JOY and LOVE was felt within this crowd all day but it overflowed at the site of Bernie's signature unkempt white hair. 
I spy with my little eye, a white haired Politician

The line is moving again! We are getting to meet the man who has given my generation hope and the strength to stand up and speak against what we disagree with! The excitement that was in my heart and stomach is forever going to be indescribable, it was like seeing an old friend and meeting your favorite musician all at once. Brianna and I were jumping by the time we reached the door, both to thaw our feet and to calm ourselves for the meeting that was imminent! Walking into the bookstore will never top that moment when we walked inside and I was able to see Bernie's white hair at the other side of the store. The line moved rather quickly inside due to the volume of people that were seeing Bernie that day. Brianna and I were so happy when we reached the front of the line to see this man who means so much to those in our generation! We then met Bernie and took a few photos with him and chatted a little. This man is so welcoming and nice that we had not trouble going up to him and speaking with him and taking photos. He is everything you hope a politician will be, kind, compassionate, stern, and caring! 

I know this turned into a recounting of the day I met Bernie Sanders and how it has changed me so much, however I do want to link the book bellow for you all to go and buy to see why this man is such an inspiration to so many here in the States. We Love You Bernie!
Hello from Vermont!
So happy to have finally met Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT)


Happy Reading! 
I will post something on Monday, be sure to come back! Until then rest and enjoy family and friends and a good book!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bookish Thanks

Bookish Thanks: 

Here in the US it is Thanksgiving tomorrow and like many people around the world, this year has taken its toll on me. I am not able to even comprehend all of the issues and changes that we have gone through this yea; though I can comprehend and express what I am thankkful for in this world. The bookish community in particular has given me the hope and safety net that I needed in order to get through this whirlwind of a year, here are some things that I am thankful for: 

  • My readers! 
    • Without you wonderful people across the world my ramblings about books would just be a noise into the void that it the internet. You, yes you! Everyone of you who click into read this blog has changed my life in a wildly positive way, you all give me a purpose and outlet for my creative thoughts on literature. 
    • Thank You, for just being you!
  • Publishers
    • This may seem obvious that I would be thankful for those people who make the physical objects that I love so much, though truly every publisher has helped make this world a better place this year! Regardless of the views your company prints, you are giving voices to everyone who wants a platform to speak. Some of my favorites this year are Liveright, Torr, and Thomas Dunn Books, and many more. Each one of these publishers has released a book that has changed me for the better this year.
  • Booksellers 
    • The people at my local bookstores, both here and at University have done such an incredible job at making my reading experience enjoyable and giving me a nice place to go and escape for the day. The booksellers have the personalities and comforting space that I have found solace in this year, to these people I say Thank You!
    • Some booksellers I want to shout out are: 
      • Bear Pond Books, Montpelier Vermont 
      • BirchBark Bookshop: Potsdam Ner York
        • Tim will help you find anything you need within the stacks of used books that he stocks, truly an atmospheric experience that is worth the drive! 
        • BirchBark Bookshop Link
  • Authors everywhere
    • You all write the stories that allow us as readers to escape and gain the knowledge that this world has to offer. I know this is generic, but two authors in particular who I need to thank is Jack Urwin, man you can write a compelling non-fiction book that illustrates some key workings of my father and brother's dynamic. I also must thank the amazing Thomas Olde Heuvelt for writing a book that scared the crap out of me and also gave me so many conflicting emotions that I was drained, you guys rock!
I know this may seem quite generic, but truly there are so many people to thank that I could not fit them all into a post, chances are if you are reading this, I am thankful for all that you do and your support of this blog! I hope you all are able to cuddle up with friends and family today and just enjoy company and lasting memories.

Happy reading!

Check in Friday to see my very exciting day that I had on Tuesday, it is political, it is bookish, it is Bernie filled!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Break TBR

Thanksgiving TBR: 

This week is Thanksgiving in the United States of America, and for many students that means we have a few days of "rest" and relaxation. I am hoping to get some reading done on my break this year. This break time is going to be very full of family time and school work I need to catch up on, however I am hoping to be reading some books and completing a few books in the time I am home. 

Thanksgiving incase you do not know or are not from the US this is a holiday marking a feast that was had with the Native Americans by the pilgrims which we celebrate each year recognizing what we are thankful for. There are a few things that I am thankful for this year, you all will get to see that on Wednesday in a post I make for what I am thankful for in the book world.  I really love all the festive reading that will happen around the christmas season, and I will have my holiday TBR up on Wednesday of next week. But before we can jump into winter holidays we must get through the Thanksgiving holiday; so here are the books I hope to read some from even if it is not much of each:

  • Man Up 
    • by: Jack Urwin 
    • I have been making progress through this book, and I must say that as I read more of this non-fiction about masculinity and how it can be dangerous to society. I really think that though many people will shy away from this thinking it is anti-feminist I really would like everyone to join in and support this wonderful writer and purchase themselves this book as a gift. I wholeheartedly love all that Urwin is saying; being a not particularly "masculine" man I can say I needed to hear some of the heartfelt messages that he weaves into this masterpiece.
    • Pages Left: 145
  • Used & Rare 
    • by: Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone
    • This is yet another one of my non-fiction November TBR pick that I have not finished sadly because of life. I am going to complete this one for sure as it is so short and engaging. One may think that a non-fiction book about book collecting will be riveting, through I must confess that is quite an engaging read that makes the topic very palatable and enjoyable. 
    • Pages left: 99
  • Jerusalem
    • by: Alan Moore
    • I know, you are all going to be confused that I am still reading this tome! I am trying to finish this book, it is seriously long. although to speak the truth to you all I have not picked it up this month and I MUST complete it before the end of the year. I am really loving the characters and their whimsy and purely fun adventures that they go on! Though I will not have read it in one consecutive go I can say that it is certainly atleast a four star read. I am enjoying every word Moore has written, though I need to take the time to read and enjoy the book. 
I will be bringing some books home from University to make space on my shelves at school as I have amassed quite a few books since coming up to school this year. I will be doing a haul at some time in the future to let you know what I have recently added to my collection. 

Until next time readers, do not forget what you are thankful for... 

Thank you, Happy Reading!

Check back in on Wednesday to see what I am Thankful for in the book community...

Friday, November 18, 2016


 A Danish way of Relaxing

Many of you will see in this modern world just how self absorbed society can get sometimes, this is the Danish way to combat that. Hygge has no direct translation into English though it means; The calming, cozy time spent with warm blankets, a jumper, and friends. This is something that I know we all strive for, however without a name it is often hard to explain. I think of this feeling in the Holliday season and winter months, though in Denmark it is an all year affair even through the summers. This is something that I heard of from a Booktube video a week ago since then I have been planning and thinking of how I can use Hygge in my life. 

As you all will know, I have been going through some hard times recently; and a common thread that everyone has said to me is: just take some time to yourself. This may seem comforting and like a good idea in theory, however I have found when I am alone I think about what has changed for the worse right now; so I turn to Booktube. If you are unaware of what Booktube is, it is an online section of YouTube that is dedicated solely to books. I will link some channels down below for you to check out. Back to Hygge, since I have been turning a lot to my online community I found a little video done by Jean on Book Break which has inspired a huge lifestyle change!
 This single video changed the way that I am currently looking at life, how you might ask? Well let me tell you!

Hygge is a Danish practice to be cozy and enjoy the simple things in life with friends and family. I have been feeling down as of late, and I am going to change that, by embracing Hygge! I have started to assemble my Hygge kit though it is lacking some key elements right now. In the art of Hygge you are supposed to get cozy in a "Jumper" (Sweater) and curl up with friends, food, and or a good book. As you will know, I have plenty of amazing books, though my cozy jumper collection is lacking. To correct this I have been browsing and ordering some cozy looking wool sweaters to curl up with and enjoy a book and some good company, though I must admit some of them are quite hideous. I have been trying to fit a mold for a long time of being the "modern man that all want to see, I am not going to change that, though I will try to take time for myself to sit and enjoy life a little more. 

For this to work in my life I need to be conscious of how much time I Hygge as I know with my "addictive" personality it could easily slip into being the only thing that I do. I want to remain a productive person within society and have a nice cozy time at home, as of right now there is no separation between home and school therefore I tend to not relax, this is something that I need to change. I hope to be changing how I embrace the Danish Hygge here in the USA a little at a time, to do this I am going to be using: 
  1. Cozy Jumpers 
  2. Good Tea 
  3. Books 
  4. Candles, only when I am home of course. 
  5. Cooking delicious food anytime possible!
  6. Friends 
I cannot wait to have the books I purchased about Hygge in my hands and study the pages to help unlock the Danish way to cozy relaxation. The books include some recipes and ways to Hygge-fy your home/space which I intend to take full advantage of! I will be showing you all how I Hygge my room when the supplies arrive, and then I will gladly curl up in a hideous jumper with tea and friends to watch a movie and chat. 

I will be jumping into Hygge in the new year, and if you guys would like to follow my journey I would be glad to post some on here about it and the lovely books I read about the topic!

The books that I purchased are: 
The books I want to buy!
Booktube Channels: 

Happy Reading Everyone! 
Do not be afraid to get your Hygge on!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My 2017 Classics Goal

2017 Classics Goals:

Hello everyone, 

I am sorry for the late posting of this, however yesterday there was a glitch with the internet and for some strange reason this post would not go live. I am happy to say that this is my goals for 2017 in regards to the classics that I intend to complete. 

As I am sure you are all aware of at this moment in time or have seen on one blog post from the past, I am a Biology student in University. Having a science oriented degree at my school means that the literature courses I am required to take and have room for are few and far between, therefor in the Spring term 2017 I will be supplementing my already ambicious work load with some hefty classics. I am doing this because as you all already know, I love books, but something that does not come up tat often on this blog is my love for classics and I would like to share some of that love with you all. I find it oddly satisfying to sit down and devour a novel that is written in such lush and antiquated prose as many books do not compare to the complexity of classics. I love all books, however this year I am going to mix some classics into my reading schedule to add variety. 

I know many of you are probably cringing at the thought of reading a classic for fun, however I have grown up loving academia and the classics and literature courses I took in High School is something that I miss very dearly. I will be choosing one book a month alongside a HUGE goal for the next year. I know, I know you are sick of my yammering on about my love for classics and their complexities so let us get on to the books!
Classics 2017 TBR: 
  • January: 
    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
    • By: Lewis Carroll 
  • February: 
    • Jane Eyre
    • By: Charlotte Bronte 
  • March: 
    • Utopia
    • By: Thomas More
  • April: 
    • Dubliners
    • By: James Joyce
  • May: 
    • Oliver Twist
    • By: Charles Dickens
The behemoth that I will be focussing on over the course of the rest of 2017 will be Ulysses By: James Joyce. I know you all are probably just as baffled as I am that I actually have a distinct interest in reading this 933 page tome, however regardless of its size I am eager to start this one and explore the many layers of social commentary alongside its conflicting themes.

These are the books that are on my spring 2017 University self assigned reading list, I have chosen these books from a wide range of times to help expand my views in the world of classics. I will be reading these books from some very specific editions for the purpose of study and the notes section in the back; the Norton Critical Editions. I am not able to find Ulysses in that edition or a combined copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass By: Lewis Carroll, both of which I am looking to find in a relatively good edition with notes and essays inside about the text. I am going to link all of these editions down bellow in case you are interested in reading these books alongside me in the spring, I would love to have a classics buddy for the whole of 2017. 

The long and the short of this post is, I will be reading atleast one classic a month for the next year in hopes that I can broaden my horizons within the literature community. I hope you guys do not mind! I will be back to regularly scheduled fantasy and sci-fi reviewing after this month of non-fiction November is over. Hold on to your hats guys, 2017 is a year for learning and expanding our horizons...


Happy Reading!
I will see you all on Friday with yet another fun post, maybe a review if I can read fast tonight through the end of one of my books. Stay tuned to find out :)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
Monday Madness, November 14th 2016

As many of you know there have been many things going on within my life recently that have prevented me from writing on this blog for two weeks; I am happy to say that I am back and will begin to post regularly again very soon! I wanted to make this post to update you all on my progress in my current reads for this month so far, and tell you what you can expect going forward. 

As you all will know, November is a themed reading month and the theme is Non-Fiction. I laid out one TBR for the month that I felt was attainable and I have obviously since revised that reading list, however I am currently reading: 
  1. Man Up by: Jack Urwin
    1. I am loving this book! I think that it is the kind of book that I needed during this phase in my life where it deals with the expectations of men and their role in society. I am finding Urwin's style to be the classic dry British wit that I love, and I am eager to dive deeper into this book's depths.
  2. Used and Rare by: Nancy & Lawrence Goldstone
    1. This is a non-fiction book about this couple's experiences starting a collection of used and rare books. I am loving this books interpretation of books and the loads of information that it has given me without being a dry and boring read. 
  3. The True Life of Mary Stuart: Queen Of Scots by: John Guy
    1. I picked this book up on a whim today at the library due to my obsession with Reign on the CW and I am already entranced and eager to learn her whole story before it plays out on screen. I am saddened to realize how this book and show will end, however I cannot wait to experience the ride. 
This is the selection of books that I am going to be attempting to make headway in the next week. Hopefully I will be able to finish one of them and set a review up for next Monday, let us hope. I am going to take my time with the books I am reading now so that I can fully comprehend and enjoy the story. These past weeks have shown me to hold onto the things we have and be grateful for it; therefore I am going to be doing a large giveaway in December to show you all what you mean to me! Until then I am going to be taking my time with books and really thinking about them deeply. This may mean less reviews on here, though I am hoping that it means each review will be more in depth and helpful for those who wish to find their next read. 

As to what I have been doing over the last few weeks, I have been exploring more with friends in the nature areas surrounding my university. I have also been buying a ton of books because when I am stressed or sad that is my way of giving myself a smile. This means that I have some (a ton) of books to haul for you all over on my YouTube channel; this hopefully will be filmed this week if I have my room free for any length of time. I have so many ideas for videos and content for here with the past weeks time to think, I have amassed a list of topics so long I cannot see the end of it. 

Happy reading, from myself and the "Fam"!