A Danish way of Relaxing

Many of you will see in this modern world just how self absorbed society can get sometimes, this is the Danish way to combat that. Hygge has no direct translation into English though it means; The calming, cozy time spent with warm blankets, a jumper, and friends. This is something that I know we all strive for, however without a name it is often hard to explain. I think of this feeling in the Holliday season and winter months, though in Denmark it is an all year affair even through the summers. This is something that I heard of from a Booktube video a week ago since then I have been planning and thinking of how I can use Hygge in my life. 

As you all will know, I have been going through some hard times recently; and a common thread that everyone has said to me is: just take some time to yourself. This may seem comforting and like a good idea in theory, however I have found when I am alone I think about what has changed for the worse right now; so I turn to Booktube. If you are unaware of what Booktube is, it is an online section of YouTube that is dedicated solely to books. I will link some channels down below for you to check out. Back to Hygge, since I have been turning a lot to my online community I found a little video done by Jean on Book Break which has inspired a huge lifestyle change!
 This single video changed the way that I am currently looking at life, how you might ask? Well let me tell you!

Hygge is a Danish practice to be cozy and enjoy the simple things in life with friends and family. I have been feeling down as of late, and I am going to change that, by embracing Hygge! I have started to assemble my Hygge kit though it is lacking some key elements right now. In the art of Hygge you are supposed to get cozy in a "Jumper" (Sweater) and curl up with friends, food, and or a good book. As you will know, I have plenty of amazing books, though my cozy jumper collection is lacking. To correct this I have been browsing and ordering some cozy looking wool sweaters to curl up with and enjoy a book and some good company, though I must admit some of them are quite hideous. I have been trying to fit a mold for a long time of being the "modern man that all want to see, I am not going to change that, though I will try to take time for myself to sit and enjoy life a little more. 

For this to work in my life I need to be conscious of how much time I Hygge as I know with my "addictive" personality it could easily slip into being the only thing that I do. I want to remain a productive person within society and have a nice cozy time at home, as of right now there is no separation between home and school therefore I tend to not relax, this is something that I need to change. I hope to be changing how I embrace the Danish Hygge here in the USA a little at a time, to do this I am going to be using: 
  1. Cozy Jumpers 
  2. Good Tea 
  3. Books 
  4. Candles, only when I am home of course. 
  5. Cooking delicious food anytime possible!
  6. Friends 
I cannot wait to have the books I purchased about Hygge in my hands and study the pages to help unlock the Danish way to cozy relaxation. The books include some recipes and ways to Hygge-fy your home/space which I intend to take full advantage of! I will be showing you all how I Hygge my room when the supplies arrive, and then I will gladly curl up in a hideous jumper with tea and friends to watch a movie and chat. 

I will be jumping into Hygge in the new year, and if you guys would like to follow my journey I would be glad to post some on here about it and the lovely books I read about the topic!

The books that I purchased are: 
The books I want to buy!
Booktube Channels: 

Happy Reading Everyone! 
Do not be afraid to get your Hygge on!


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