Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
Monday Madness, November 14th 2016

As many of you know there have been many things going on within my life recently that have prevented me from writing on this blog for two weeks; I am happy to say that I am back and will begin to post regularly again very soon! I wanted to make this post to update you all on my progress in my current reads for this month so far, and tell you what you can expect going forward. 

As you all will know, November is a themed reading month and the theme is Non-Fiction. I laid out one TBR for the month that I felt was attainable and I have obviously since revised that reading list, however I am currently reading: 
  1. Man Up by: Jack Urwin
    1. I am loving this book! I think that it is the kind of book that I needed during this phase in my life where it deals with the expectations of men and their role in society. I am finding Urwin's style to be the classic dry British wit that I love, and I am eager to dive deeper into this book's depths.
  2. Used and Rare by: Nancy & Lawrence Goldstone
    1. This is a non-fiction book about this couple's experiences starting a collection of used and rare books. I am loving this books interpretation of books and the loads of information that it has given me without being a dry and boring read. 
  3. The True Life of Mary Stuart: Queen Of Scots by: John Guy
    1. I picked this book up on a whim today at the library due to my obsession with Reign on the CW and I am already entranced and eager to learn her whole story before it plays out on screen. I am saddened to realize how this book and show will end, however I cannot wait to experience the ride. 
This is the selection of books that I am going to be attempting to make headway in the next week. Hopefully I will be able to finish one of them and set a review up for next Monday, let us hope. I am going to take my time with the books I am reading now so that I can fully comprehend and enjoy the story. These past weeks have shown me to hold onto the things we have and be grateful for it; therefore I am going to be doing a large giveaway in December to show you all what you mean to me! Until then I am going to be taking my time with books and really thinking about them deeply. This may mean less reviews on here, though I am hoping that it means each review will be more in depth and helpful for those who wish to find their next read. 

As to what I have been doing over the last few weeks, I have been exploring more with friends in the nature areas surrounding my university. I have also been buying a ton of books because when I am stressed or sad that is my way of giving myself a smile. This means that I have some (a ton) of books to haul for you all over on my YouTube channel; this hopefully will be filmed this week if I have my room free for any length of time. I have so many ideas for videos and content for here with the past weeks time to think, I have amassed a list of topics so long I cannot see the end of it. 

Happy reading, from myself and the "Fam"!


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