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March TBR

To Be Read  March 2018
Literature allows the reader to experience new situations, lives, and places. This month I am reaching for four books that will do just that for me. I have Spring Break coming up in one week, and since I am an introvert as you might have guessed, I will spend a majority of that time reading. This set of books will also allow me to complete several books that I have started and not completed. 
The books I will be reading this month include:  East of Eden by: John Steinbeck This book is a multigenerational saga of families living in the Salinas Valley in California. It follows their hardships, loves, and everyday events to illuminate aspects of human disposition. This story is also an allegory for the biblical story of Cain and Abel which has me intrigued to see how Steinbeck translates this to the "modern" Salinas Valley of California. I am over one hundred pages in, and so far there have been gut wrenching betrayals, complex brotherly love, and changing …

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