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His Dark Materials by: Phillip Pullman Review

His Dark Materials By: Philip Pullman  Review
Hello everyone! 
I did not plan to have it this way, however my upload schedule as of right now seems to fit best on Thursdays and Sundays; here is my second post of 2018!
In this review I will be giving my general, non spoiler filled thoughts, on the series: His Dark Materials by: Philip Pullman. This series is a middlegrade series that was written in the late 1990's and early 2000's. I missed reading this series as a child for many reasons:  I was not a big reader when I was younger. I did NOT like fantasy. I predominantly read non-fiction animal care books.I did not go to the library or bookstore often.  As you all well know by now, I have not read the entire Harry Potter series, therefore I do not feel bad about missing out entirely on another middlegrade series. Though this is a series that I wish I had read sooner for the pure enjoyment I gained from it. I am not the series' target audience, however as a twenty year old ma…

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