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Freedom By: Jonathan Franzen

Freedom By: Jonathan Franzen  A Review
Let me be completely honest in this review, by first saying that I would have never found this book if it were not for the amazing show Parks and Recreation. In one of the many episodes, Leslie Knope recommends this book to her best friend Anne. I had previously heard of Franzen's work, however, up until this point I had not considered picking anything up written by him. I do not know why I was not initially attracted to his novels, perhaps I was too involved in the fantasy and science fiction genres to realize the gems I had right in front of me. 
This nearly 700 page novel consumed my life for the span of four days, and has not released its grip since I turned the last page. This novel discusses many topics, including:  Wildlife ConservationThe global population crisisDysfunctional familiesLove Adolescence and growing up To some this will seem as though Franzen was reaching for every and all the topical themes when he wrote this book in 2010, …

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