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Reading Pace: A Musing

Reading Pace:  A Musing
First in this I would like to apologize for my absence in the middle of last week. My absence was for fear that I did not have anything new to review or talk about, however, I have come to realize that even without reviewing each week that I do have bookish content to which I can elaborate on. Today's post is on reading pace, how it changes with each book, and how it is currently affecting me. 
Reading pace, that feeling which draws you and guides you to completing a book. The tenacity with which each reader approaches a new book. The pace at which I read a book varies vastly depending on a multitude of different things such as, quality of writing, plot, language, and enjoyment level. These attributes all come together and help to formulate the pace at which I read. Reading a riveting thriller novel usually will put me at the edge of my seat and captivate my attention until it is complete, where as a literary novel with beautiful prose and atmosphere demands…

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