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Man Booker 2018 Reading Plans

2018 Reading Plans
As promised, I am back today to list the order in which I will be attempting to read the Man Booker 2018 Longlist. My general strategy is to get through the books that I am most excited for and those which I think will make it on through to the Shortlist first, and then move into the others. My senior year at university will commence on August 24th when I move in. For that reason I will be attempting to tackle the largest and most exciting books before diving headlong into moving back to school. 
Round One:  These books I will attempt to complete before arriving to school on the 24th of August, others may be added to this list depending on when my order arrives from Book Depository.  Washington Black by: Esi EdugyanFrom a Low and Quiet Sea by: Donal RyanMilkman by: Anna BurnsSnap by: Belinda Bauer These books are in round one because I was either graciously provided with an advanced copy from the publisher, as is the case with Washington Black, or have found them on a…

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