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September TBR 2016!

September 2016 TBR!

Hello Everyone, I am back today with a TBR for September, I do realize that this is going to be a very ambitious TBR while at University, however I am determined to attempt this challenge! I will be reading some review books, and some books of my choice this month however you all know the main focus of the first portion of the month, Jerusalem! That being stated this is a lofty TBR however I would love to get through some of these when I cannot bring the tome that is Jerusalem to campus with me. This month I have no exams or heavy projects to complete therefor I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to complete half of these at the least. 

Review Books: 
  • Jerusalem by: Alan Moore
    • Page count: 1279! 
    • Progress Currently: Page 70
    • This one is going to take some time and I may not be able to complete it by the 13th, however I am going to be hosting an exciting giveaway and post on the day of release regardless!
  • Little Nothing by: Marissa Silver 
    • Page Count: 352
    • I have not yet started this novel, I was approved via Netgalley by the publisher to read and review this book for you all, it is released on September 13th as well. This is going to be a major day in publishing!
  • Ascendants Rite by:  David Hair
    • Page Count: 848
    • This one was another NetGalley approved read, that releases on September 6th! Which I will not get to on time for sure, as I still must read the other three prior books in order to read this one. 
  • Summerlong by: Peter S. Beagle 
    • Page Count: 236 
    • This one again was read thanks to NetGalley! However I found that my bookshop had the finished copies out way before release date, September 30th, so I picked up a paperback to read from and carry around with me while at UNI. This one should be guaranteed to have been read by the 30th!
Fun Books: Or the ones that I will not get to read. 
  • Mr.Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by: Robin Sloan 
    • Page Count: 288 
    • This one WILL be completed before September 19th as it is my Bookclub's novel back home and I will be participating via the email system and my review for the novels when I am not home. 
  • The Obelisk Gate by: NK Jemisin 
    • Page Count: 391 
    • This is one I hope to get to because I will be Buddy reading this with James at James Chatham on YouTube starting around the 13th. 
  • The One I Left Behind by: Jennifer McMahon
    • Page Count: 421 
    • This will be a Buddy Read with Missy from BingeReader on YouTube!
And there are plenty more novels that I would like to write down for this list however I will be impressed if I am able to finish these, so I guess I shall stop there and pray I complete them all!

Please check out the most recent YouTube Video aswell,  it will show you all of the books that I have brought with me to University!

Happy Reading!
Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming giveaways and very exciting  posts about the review books I am attempting to finish this month, it is sure to be a great month on the blog!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Madness 8-29-2016

Monday Madness!
August 29th 2016

I have completed The Night Sister by: Jennifer McMahon as you all will know; and have not picked up another book since. I know this is not a great track record for myself as I usually have a book on the go at all times, however I was saving this chunker for a special time. That time is the next sixteen days, and the novel that I will be delving into is......


by: Alan Moore
Page Count: 1279
  • This book is going to take time and effort to complete, however I am happy to dive in and see where Moore takes this tome! This book is a highly anticipated read of mine for the fall of this year, and I was kindly sent it for review by Liveright Publishing house.
Plot: In the half a square mile of decay and demolition that was England’s Saxon capital, eternity is loitering between the firetrap tower blocks. Embedded in the grubby amber of the district’s narrative among its saints, kings, prostitutes and derelicts a different kind of human time is happening, a soiled simultaneity that does not differentiate between the petrol-coloured puddles and the fractured dreams of those who navigate them. Fiends last mentioned in the Book of Tobit wait in urine-scented stairwells, the delinquent spectres of unlucky children undermine a century with tunnels, and in upstairs parlours labourers with golden blood reduce fate to a snooker tournament.

Disappeared lanes yield their own voices, built from lost words and forgotten dialect, to speak their broken legends and recount their startling genealogies, family histories of shame and madness and the marvellous. There is a conversation in the thunderstruck dome of St. Paul’s cathedral, childbirth on the cobblestones of Lambeth Walk, an estranged couple sitting all night on the cold steps of a Gothic church-front, and an infant choking on a cough drop for eleven chapters. An art exhibition is in preparation, and above the world a naked old man and a beautiful dead baby race along the Attics of the Breath towards the heat death of the universe.

An opulent mythology for those without a pot to piss in, through the labyrinthine streets and pages of Jerusalem tread ghosts that sing of wealth and poverty; of Africa, and hymns, and our threadbare millennium. They discuss English as a visionary language from John Bunyan to James Joyce, hold forth on the illusion of mortality post-Einstein, and insist upon the meanest slum as Blake’s eternal holy city. Fierce in its imagining and stupefying in its scope, this is the tale of everything, told from a vanished gutter. (

My First impressions: 
In reading only the first page of this tome, I can tell that it is going to be weird all around, with its promise of travel and ghosts. Moore's writing style will take a period of adjustment for me as he writes beautiful and layered sentences that must be consumed at a slower rate than I am accustomed to. I do think that I am going to enjoy this novel, even with the weird and far fetched plots and many characters; as long as I am able to keep the characters sorted in my mind I should have fun reading this one!

I will update you all when I have begun this tome! If you would like to get up to the minute updates and my thoughts while reading this novel, follow me on Goodreads at:

Aside: I have found a miraculously fast way to upload videos while here at university so I will be able to put up videos on my Sunday deadlines and get more content to you all in general which is very exciting! I just posted this video last night when I arrived, showcasing all the books that I brought to university with me!

Books At Uni With me, Fall 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

My Short Story Love Story

Short Stories: 
My Love Story with Them...

Hello everyone! 

As you all will know by now going to school for me at least does not afford me all the time I would like to read, and this year I have come up with the perfect way to get all of the reading I want done. I will be bringing six short story collections with me to university to read between the classes and books that I will have on stack to review. My love of short stories has not always been present; when I was in high school we only read dense and difficult short fiction that I had to struggle to comprehend which created a hate for the art within me. However that is now not the case; here is how I stepped over the disdain I felt for short stories. 

As many of you have possibly encountered while in your English Literature courses as a student you are forced to analyze difficult pieces of literature of varying lengths for your course; my teacher thought it would be helpful to allow us as students to look at the very dense and intricate short stories of the late victorian era. These short works were enjoyable on a surface level dealing with a simplistic bubbly plot involving regency romances and social rhetoric; however my teacher wanted us to delve into the deeper meaning. This deeper meaning hunt often made me search for hours to find a single layer of meaning beyond plot points, which added stress and nerves to my reading experience. As a more mature and well rounded reader, now, I understand the benefit of these hours sifting word by word through a story to find its deeper meaning. This diligence and hard work pushed me to detest the works themselves for all the effort they required initially, I have now grown to relish in the hard work these stories demand to comprehend completely. 

With a general love for fiction and the difficult short stories I had been forced to read in my literature courses I decided to jump into a short fiction course in university this past semester. In this course we were asked to look at the many short works bound together in a hefty anthology, and even give presentations on a few of the short works we read. This difficult course pushed me even more with my journey to understand the written word on a deeper level within the few pages that each author wrote. I will not say that this course was always fun or easy because authors such as Melville, and Faulkner were focussed on throughout the course. The new found respect for short fiction will be put to the test during this upcoming school year, 2016-17, when I will be supplementing my reading between classes with short story collections instead of the traditional novels. 

I will be bringing the following Short Story collections with me to University this fall: 
  • Sea Lovers by:Valerie Martin
  • Pretty Monsters by: Kelly Link
  • Fen by: Daisy Johnson
  • Prodigals by: Greg Jackson
  • Central Station by: Lavie Tidhar
  • St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised by Wolves by: Karen Russell
I chose these by filming the Try A Story Tag which I was Tagged in by Erik Karl Anderson of; it was adapted to this version from the Try A Chapter Tag by Jen Campbell on YouTube! This was incredibly important for me to do in order to choose the collections that I would be bringing to university with me...

I have linked both, Erik's video for you all to view. I will link Jen Campbell's video in my description as soon as the video is live on YouTube! So please check back regularly to see when this Tag video goes live on my channel!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Night Sister: Review

The Night Sister 
by: Jennifer McMahon

I just completed this spine chilling novel yesterday, and I could not wait to chat about it with you all! I have recently been getting into the horror genre as a break from too much of the same Fantastical stories, however that is not to say that I do not still love Fantastical stories. This new foray into horror began with HEX by: Thomas Olde Heuvelt, and after that I have been alternating between the scary and fantastical with what books I read. This book was eerie, not as "horrific" as it could have been, though that is what McMahon's books tend to be like. I would say check this one out if you are new to the genre or get scared easily as it is a rather tame idea overall but the writing makes up for the simplicity of horror elements!

Plot: "Once the thriving attraction of rural Vermont, the Tower Motel now stands in disrepair, alive only in the memories of Amy, Piper, and Piper's kid sister, Margot. The three played there as girls until the day that their games uncovered something dark and twisted in the motel's past, something that ruined their friendship forever.

Now adult, Piper and Margot have tried to forget what they found that fateful summer, but their lives are upended when Piper receives a panicked midnight call from Margot, with news of a horrific crime for which Amy stands accused. Suddenly, Margot and Piper are forced to relive the time that they found the suitcase that once belonged to Silvie Slater, the aunt that Amy claimed had run away to Hollywood to live out her dream of becoming Hitchcock's next blonde bombshell leading lady. As Margot and Piper investigate, a cleverly woven plot unfolds—revealing the story of Sylvie and Rose, two other sisters who lived at the motel during its 1950s heyday. Each believed the other to be something truly monstrous, but only one carries the secret that would haunt the generations to come.
 " (

General Thoughts: 
  • This book is simply imaginative at its core; I cannot describe it any other way. This book weaves horror, folk lore, and relationships of all kinds into a chilling tale of mystery and intrigue!
  • The setting of rural Vermont lends a great depth to the story as it unfolds. I happen to live in this great state, therefor seeing it done so well in a novel makes me giddy with joy. Though I do not think you have to have come to Vermont to completely grasp the nature of this town, McMahon is writing so that you will get more out of the story if you have some experience with small towns. 
    • Even if you have no experience with small New England towns, I must say that the relationships and interactions between people in small towns is synonymous to any small town.
  • This book is a great example of an eerie story done right! It is not laden with jump-scare moments, nor is it a completely even tone and stagnant storytelling technique. This story is the perfect balance of unease and genuine character building connections.
  • This writing reads effortlessly!
  • McMahon has a very well rounded colloquial handle on Vermont and New England for that matter, which transports the reader into the story all the more quickly.
  • Though the writing is not particularly beautiful it brings a refreshing voice to story telling. 
  • McMahon's style is a nuanced balance between the literary floral writing styles that can be seen in many classics and the stark and simplistic journalism that is seen in newspapers.
  • The characters in this novel show all aspects of human emotion, not just the perfect side full of loce and joy. 
  • The adventures that they encounter trying to find clues as to the disappearance of the well known aunt Sylvie remind me of the show Scooby Doo and the little days in summer when my friends went exploring our houses for "clues".
  • Margot: Margot is the sister of Piper who were the friends of Amy, the woman who is brutally murdered at the beginning of the story. Margot was a part of the original crew who went looking for the mystical 29th room and the ever illusive aunt Sylvie in that fateful summer. I found Margot to be a problematic character who acted as a supporting character for the rest of the crew. She did have a personality and wit in the flashback scenes to the summer when the story began to unfold, however in the present she is extremely pregnant and seems to act like a stressful mess.
  • Amy: Amy is the niece of Sylvia. Amy is an inquisitive and ruthless child who sparks all the investigations into Sylvie's past and the dark family secrets that have been hidden over the years.I loved seeing Amy's spunky and inquisitive personality blossom through their deadly search for answers.
  • All the characters combined into one large group gave the story the great tones and thrill ride that I loved! 
  • These characters are well crafted "People" who I can relate to even thought I am not a girl living with a dark family secret;McMahon has a way with crafting characters that is unmatched by most writers. The characters are my favorite part of any novel, and McMahon treats all her characters with respect and dignity that I think all characters need. 
Recommendation: I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an excellent atmospheric read with great character growth and a dash of horror!

Book Information: 
Title: The Night Sister by: Jennifer McMahon
Pages: 384
ISBN: 0804169977
Publisher: Anchor

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Happy Reading!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Madness 8-22-16

Monday Madness: 
August 22nd 2016

Hello Everyone!

I am coming to you from my local library to post today! I am going to be here for a while until my YouTube video is uploaded later this afternoon. I will give a link when it becomes live this afternoon, be sure to follow my Twitter page @Komondor70.

I am sorry that this post is going to be going up so late on Monday, however I have been running errands and prepping for school to start this weekend. I am going to make this a quick post today as the major book I will be reading now through the middle of September is a chunker and will take all the attention I have to give to it. I am going to be reading two books this week in junction with that huge book, and moving into school so let us see if I will be able to do it!

I Want to Finish: 
  • The Night Sister by: Jennifer McMahon 
    • About 200 pages left
I Want to Continue With: 
  • The Wise Man's Fear by: Patrick Rothfuss 
    • about 903 pages to go, something that I know I will not be completing this month. However I do want to continue with this book before I forget the basics os the first books plot. 
I Need To Start: 
  • Jerusalem by: Alan Moore 
    • This I am reading and reviewing for Liveright Publishing group on September 13th when this tome is released. This book is a whopping 1184 pages! I cannot wait to get this book going and dive headlong into the wacky and weird story that it is going to be. 

This link will work as soon as the video goes live this afternoon!

Happy Reading!

Keep up to date with the blog and YouTube channel this week, as I am prepping to move back into university I will have a few posts going up about the books I am bringing and next Monday will have a nice room tour hopefully! All the fun things will be coming in a few days so keep your eyes peeled! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Book Nerds in College

How To Book Nerd While in University:
Or die trying :)

Hello Guys! 

So as many of you will know I am a university student going to be in my second year in under a week. I am studying Biology at a University in upstate New York USA, so as you can imagine trying to balance the hard work and scientific fact with fiction consumes my life! I have been taking some advanced courses and this year I will be taking courses at a third and fourth year level, so I have been thinking of many creative ways to keep my bookish creativity in check. Today I thought I would share with you the ways I am going to try to stay sane and bookish this year at University. 

I am no expert, last year was the worst few months I had of reading for months on end so I am planning this out in hopes to rectify this awful reading slump. I will be attempting the following things to keep my life at university sane and filled with many great fictional stories!

The Task is simple, however beating the enemy of school work will be a worthy opponent.

I Will Do: 
  1. Carve Out Reading time.
    1. Last year I was very bad at making it aware to both my friends and fellow university peers that I was going to be setting time aside to read and blog. However atleast for the first semester (four months). I will be making the effort to set time to read, I have only one class on Tuesdays which will turn into my weekly blogging day to write and plan the blog and film for the YouTube Channel. I wil also be making it clear to my friends that I need at a minimum of one hour a day to read. Last year I was afraid of missing fun events to take the time for myself; but this year is new.
  2. Bring Tons of Books!
    1. I know you may not get to all of them but having a wide selection of books to read including many genres can help to break up the tedium of school life. I know for myself that the school weeks blurred together into one stressful mess, this is my way to relax and take some time to have "fun" so I am bringing many more books this year than I can read with a wide variety of genres to choose from.
    2. I am going to have a post go live next Friday about the books I will have at University with me, keep your eyes peeled for that at 8AM Friday the 26th of August!
  3. Do Not Care What Others Think: 
    1. When going in to begin University you have a chance to totally reinvent the way you are perceived and I want all you "closeted bookworms" to let it go and embrace it! I was a "closeted bookworm" before going to school, however I decided to take all my nerdy and geeky fandoms and wear them on my sleeve when I went to school. This is a great way to meet other nerdy people and pass along some of your favorite books. I just want to be even more open about it this year with my friends and other students as well.
  4. Make a Cozy Reading nook: 
    1. I actually today just went to pick out a comfy chair to place under my lofted bed when I get to school for the sole purpose of reading. I last year only had a desk chair and the worlds most uncomfortable papasan circular chair so reading was not comfy. I also had a hard time reading in bed because I made my room feel too much like a show room to be enjoyed. My other all goal for the year is to make a stylish and bookish cave to read and hide from the mountains of schoolwork in :) 
  5. Bring Bookish Decor: 
    1. Last year I had a Harry Potter pillow case which will be coming back with me this year but I am also going to try to find some great pieces to add a quirky style to my room. So I encourage you all to decorate your rooms and reading spaces with some stunning literary art! 
  6. READ!
    1.  Again I am going to work on carving some reading time daily where I will no miss out on friends and fun activities, however I am GOING to be reading more than last year I promise you all... I will have hopefully a review up every week and two spunky and fun posts to adorn this Empire's halls. So please stay with me in the coming months, I promise we will make it through it all!
I hope that these anecdotal pieces of information will keep you sane when planning to go to University this year. My main message to you all and myself is to relax and carve reading time daily especially if that is what makes you happy in the stress of university. 

I also recommend you do not compare your reading progress to friends and other awesome internet people who read and review a lot. They may have totally differing situations which will allow them to read and explore more with their creative side. Just be as bookish and true to you as possible and happiness will follow suit! 

Happy Reading!

Please keep an eye out on my YouTube Channel (MyBookishEmpire) for a HUGE final book haul before school!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Review Time: Red Right Hand

Red Right Hand 
by: Levi Black

I first of all must thank Tor publishing for sending me this book in the mail back in July when the book was released on July 26th! This book was one that I had not yet heard much about in my bookish community, however I gave it a try due to the intriguing synopsis and enticing cover. I will be looking into what Levi Black brings out later in his career, though this book did have some flaws. 

Plot: "Charlie Tristan Moore isn't a hero. She's a survivor. On a night when her demons from the past are triggered, she arrives home to something even more harrowing-an attack by three monstrous skinhounds, creatures straight out of nightmares. She fights but is outmatched. Just as hope seems lost, in sweeps The Man In Black, a rescuer even more monstrous and unlikely, dressed in a long, dark coat that seems to have a life of its own and with a black-bladed sword held in his terrible, red right hand. 

Her rescue comes at a cost. She must become his new Acolyte and embrace a dark magick she never knew she had inside her. To ensure she gives it her all, he takes her friend and possible love, Daniel, in thrall as a hostage to her obedience. The Man in Black, a Lovecraftian chaos god, claims to be battling his brethren gods, other horrors who are staging an incipient apocalypse. But is he truly the lesser of all evils or merely killing off the competition? Either way, will Charlie be strong enough to save herself, Daniel, and possibly the entire world?"(

General Thoughts: 
PC: Me
  • I wanted to slap Levi every single time "The Man in Black" said her full name "Charlie Tristan Moore"!
    • I understand names have power in this wold but dang; every time you need her attention do not say it again!
  • I am going to be completely honest here: 
    • The writing in the book was good however I found some sentences to be poorly written and have a choppy style to them. 
    • The characters while unique in name choice, I felt as though I had read from their view before however not in the good sense. The characters while fine just did not seem to stand out quite as much to me. 
    • The monsters in here were a "rip off" or skim on Lovecraft's infamous storys published many years ago. 
      • I did however enjoy the so called "Cancer Monster" scene and found it to be incredibly original and thought provoking. 
    • I love how Levi is able to spin some well known tales into his own ideas within this book. 
  • I also am afraid to say that this book may have fell flat due to the wonderful and master craftswomen, whose amazing novel Ghost Talkers I just completed the day before starting this one.
  • While this may be marketed under the Tor Teen branch, I would say it is surely an upper age range that should read this book! This book has mature language and scenes interspersed.
PC: Me
  • For the majority the writing was fine, there was nothing especially notable about it.
    • However in some cases there were sentences that were not crafted in a way that flowed with the rest of the narrative.
  • He has a decent handle on descriptor passages, sometimes to the readers demise; you will know if you read the book the horrific (Weird) detailed scene.
  • He has a good foundation for writing and I would like to see what he comes out with in the future, all in all a decent debut!
  • The characters in general were really forgettable and frustrating at times. 
    • Charlie made snap decisions that got her consistently in trouble however she never seemed to learn from her mistakes.
    • Daniel was a "bait" for Charlie, and that is something I don't really agree with authors doing. Daniel seemed to be in the novel sheerly for the "control" of Charlie; and I would prefer all of my characters to have a greater purpose than a hook to drive the main character around by.
  • The character I found most intriguing was a demon, the Cancer god blob! 
    • He was a very cool and creepily whimsical rendition of a horrific disease that touches so many people throughout this world. I loved how Black handled this demon and how he made the otherwise lacking characters destroy the "Beast". 
  • Some characters such as the Chthullu and "Man in Black" will be recognized from Lovecraft's work; however if you would like to see a well rounded character and not just a shell filling in the place for this otherwise epic character, I suggest you read the source materials.
Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Recommendation: I would say that if you are a fan of trying new authors out with a short and very ver fast paced novel, you can give this one a shot; however it just did not develop into something that is memorable for the right reasons for me. 

Though this book was not written to my liking, I would still like to thank Tor Teen for this review copy and I would love to see Levi Black hone his writing skills and bring us back into this world with more character development and descriptions. I do think that this author has an audience it is just one that needs to be found; if you are skeptical please check it out from the library as it would be free and you can see for yourself if you will enjoy it.
Happy Reading!

I promise Friday will be a fun and uplifting post, so be sure to check back in then. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Review August 15th 2016

Ghost Talkers
By: Mary Robinette Kowal

I would first like to thank the lovely people over at Tor publishing group for allowing me to receive this book early via their NetGalley page. That being said, yes I did receive an e-ARC from the publisher however that will not affect my thoughts and opinions on this book. I cannot thank Tor enough for giving me the opportunity to read and review this wonderful book for them!

AKA The best book of the year so far!

About: Mary Robinette Kowal
Copyright 2012 Rod Searcey
"Mary Robinette Kowal is the author of The Glamourist Histories series of fantasy novels. She has received the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, three Hugo awards, and the RT Reviews award for Best Fantasy Novel. Her work has been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards. Her stories appear in Asimov’sClarkesworld, and several Year’s Best anthologies. Mary, a professional puppeteer, also performs as a voice actor (SAG/AFTRA), recording fiction for authors such as Seanan McGuire, Cory Doctorow and John Scalzi. She lives in Chicago with her husband Rob and over a dozen manual typewriters. Visit"(From Mary's website)

Plot of Ghost Talkers: 
"Ginger Stuyvesant, an American heiress living in London during World War I, is engaged to Captain Benjamin Hartshorne, an intelligence officer. Ginger is a medium for the Spirit Corps, a special Spiritualist force. Each soldier heading for the front is conditioned to report to the mediums of the Spirit Corps when they die so the Corps can pass instant information about troop movements to military intelligence.
Ginger and her fellow mediums contribute a great deal to the war efforts, so long as they pass the information through appropriate channels. While Ben is away at the front, Ginger discovers the presence of a traitor. Without the presence of her fiance to validate her findings, the top brass thinks she’s just imagining things. Even worse, it is clear that the Spirit Corps is now being directly targeted by the German war effort. Left to her own devices, Ginger has to find out how the Germans are targeting the Spirit Corps and stop them. This is a difficult and dangerous task for a woman of that era, but this time both the spirit and the flesh are willing…" (Mary's Website)
Tag Line: "Ghost Talkers reads like silk, and has captivated my attention for hours on end" 

Writing Style: 
Photo From Mary's Website
  • Mary has a very distinct style that is easy to read and elegant as well. 
    • Her sentences flow flawlessly together, painting a vivid image within your mind of what is happening in the novel.
    • Word choice in this novel is elevated to fit the time period that Ghost Talkers is set in, however the rich and luscious language does not inhibit the flow of narrative voice that Mrs. Kowal is creating.
  • Rich beyond your wildest dreams. 
  • this book will grab you by your frock and pull you in to the mystical age of World War One, with a twist. Mediums are vital in the war efforts, something totally original!
  • The pacing of a novel is often times crucial to a readers enjoyment of it, Ghost Talkers has a steady pace throughout with key moments highlighted by a swifter pace. The pacing keeps you engaged and invested the whole way through.
  • Genius!

General Thoughts: 
  • Captivating, entrancing, and brilliant are the three words I would describe this novel as!
  • I sincerely enjoyed all aspects of this novel, however I felt that the characters and setting is where the book flourished off the page!
    • World War One fantastical novel is innovative and very unique to this book. 
    • The characters came to life on the page. All characters are portrayed in a relatable and fun way that left me gutted because they were not real when I closed the last page.
  • Genuinely a new favorite, that rivals Mistborn by: Brandon Sanderson! 
  • Ginger: The spunky and driven main character of this wonderful novel. Ginger has a spice for life that is rarely captured in a character, she is devoted to her loving fiance Captain Hartford. Loving, compassionate, brilliant minded, and sweet to all around her; this is Ginger's persona. I know so many people who have a similar personality to Ginger, and the world is lucky to have them. Her character depth has many layers allowing the reader to truly believe that she is a person that they know.
  • Hartford: Hartford has proven that there can be both a stern leader and heart felt gentleman in the same body. His love for Ginger is undying, through thick and thin he will always be there for her which is something I truly admire. He is a great character who evolves into a fantastic spy and presence. He brings the plot to life!
  • Mrs.Richardson: Though she is only seen in the second half of the book really Mrs.Richardson fills the gap for a nurturing mother figure in the story with all the war surrounding the time. She truly adds a palpable layer of love to the novel (Motherly love).
  • All the characters in this book are brilliantly crafted to represent all the many archetypes in humanity. Though they may be showing all sides of humanity the feel as though you are friends with them by the time the book turns its last page! Truly a treat if you love to love your characters.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to absolutely every person who is able to read! To be specific many people would enjoy this book if they were entertained by mysteries, love, World War One, and the thrilling chase of the enemy. All of these themes are woven together with the utmost craft, allowing the reader to see a different side of the war. The characters who go through these terrible times will share the great message that "Love prevails all.".

Rating: *****/*****
This is sure to be near the top of my favorite books of the year! It will be a long time before I begin to forget Ginger Stuyvesant and Hartford's journey throughout war torn Europe.

Book Trailer: 

Book Details: 
Publisher: Tor
Publication Day: August 16th 2016
Page Count: 304
ISBN: 0765378256


I Hope you all go and read this amazing book when it is released tomorrow August 16th!

Happy Reading!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Book Buying Ban!

Book Buying Ban:
Through November 2106

Hello people of the empire! I am here today with a solemn and sad post. A confession of sorts. I as I am sure many of you all do buy many more books than I could possibly read in a month or even a year. Because of this fact and the fact I have two full bookcases packed with books to read I have decided to limit the books that I buy this fall to NEW RELEASES. 
The shame of buying a ton of books :(

The terms of my book buying ban are as follows:
  • Books must be new releases if you buy them.
  • When buying a new release you must be reading it within that month.
  • No buying from authors backlists.
  • You may buy a backlist item if it is a buddy read item for that month. 
  • This ban will be lifted on Christmas Day so that you can  spend holiday money. 
  • You may buy books from a backlist only if they are for someone else.
The whole reason I am putting this BAN in place for myself is to keep my from attaining even more TBR books, and to  help me save money. Being a college student I have been very bad with the financial side of things, and I need to hold more money. I will still have the "hip" and new books to review for you all, especially as I will be reviewing quite a few of them for their respective publishers. I will be categorizing my books that I own before going to school on a Goodreads shelf, so if you are curious about what I own and what I could be reading in the next few months that will be a great place to check. 

I am going back to University in only two weeks so I will soon need to select the books going back to school with me . I will have a poll up on both my Twitter page (@Komondor70) and here on the blog for you guys to help me choose series to bring with me. The goal of my reading at University this term will be to conquer the series and to review all the books I can for publishers! So keep your eyes peeled for a poll and university discussion post, in this post I will cover my aims for this term with my reading, my books I am bringing, and how I intend to tackle them all in one term. I know those of you who were around last year when I went to University may have been disappointed with my posting content, however this year I have set aside specific time to be creative on my online platforms!

I hereby agree to all terms listed above, and will use my utmost will power to avoid breaking the terms of this agreement....
~Wil H. (MyBookishEmpire Writer)

Happy Reading!

I will have a review up on Monday and a fun post chatting about all the bookish things happening this fall! Keep your eyes peeled for all the awesome posts to come!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lexicon Review

Review: Lexicon
by:Max Barry

Hello Everyone! So I know that this review and post for today, Wednesday August 10th is going up a little late; however rural Vermont's weather hates me right now. We live at the end of a power-line and every time it rains the power usually will cut out, and that happened this morning at 6AM EST when I woke up originally to post this review, so I had to wait for them to fix it before I could continue to write. Regardless of the weather I read Lexicon by: Max Barry for a book club I am in and I thought it was wonderful! Without further ado lets get to the review!

When I began this novel many years ago I did not read beyond the first chapter because I was confused and frankly frightened that the main character spelt his name the same way I spell mine; Wil. I dont know what is more eerie, the similar spelling of a name or the fact that the relationship he has uses the same "abbreviated name" as my current relationship. I just find this book is so much fun to read  and think about, while providing some scary parallels to my own life. 
PC: Me

"At an exclusive school somewhere outside of Arlington, Virginia, students aren't taught history, geography, or mathematics--at least not in the usual ways. Instead, they are taught to persuade. Here the art of coercion has been raised to a science. Students harness the hidden power of language to manipulate the mind and learn to break down individuals by psychographic markers in order to take control of their thoughts. The very best will graduate as "poets", adept wielders of language who belong to a nameless organization that is as influential as it is secretive.

Whip-smart orphan Emily Ruff is making a living running a three-card Monte game on the streets of San Francisco when she attracts the attention of the organization's recruiters. She is flown across the country for the school's strange and rigorous entrance exams, where, once admitted, she will be taught the fundamentals of persuasion by Bronte, Eliot, and Lowell--who have adopted the names of famous poets to conceal their true identities. For in the organization, nothing is more dangerous than revealing who you are: Poets must never expose their feelings lest they be manipulated. Emily becomes the school's most talented prodigy until she makes a catastrophic mistake: She falls in love.

Meanwhile, a seemingly innocent man named Wil Jamieson is brutally ambushed by two strange men in an airport bathroom. Although he has no recollection of anything they claim he's done, it turns out Wil is the key to a secret war between rival factions of poets and is quickly caught in their increasingly deadly crossfire. Pursued relentlessly by people with powers he can barely comprehend and protected by the very man who first attacked him, Wil discovers that everything he thought he knew about his past was fiction. In order to survive, must journey to the toxically decimated town of Broken Hill, Australia, to discover who he is and why an entire town was blown off the map.

As the two narratives converge, the shocking work of the poets is fully revealed, the body count rises, and the world crashes toward a Tower of Babel event which would leave all language meaningless. Max Barry's most spellbinding and ambitious novel yet, Lexicon is a brilliant thriller that explores language, power, identity, and our capacity to love--whatever the cost." (

General Thoughts: 
PC: Me
  • I loved the fast pacing of this book!
    • The book has two plot lines that weave together in order to create a perfectly blended story that will enthrall any reader. 
  • The plot twists were mildly predictable. 
    • The big twists I did guess, however that did not change the enjoyment of the book for me. I enjoyed the characters and plot in general enough to make up for the fact that I guessed the twist.
  • The writing is easy to comprehend and each voice is very distinct. 
  • It really had some scary parallels to my life! 
    • between spelling Wil the same and using the same abbreviated name for Wil's girlfriend as I use for my current girlfriend, YIKES too many parallels!
  • The idea and premise behind this book is brilliant!
    • Words having literal POWER! Mind blowing repercussions occur when some words are used! 
    • Honestly if words worked this way in the real world maybe we all would learn that restraint is necessary.
  • Wil: Wil has a confused and muddled haze over his character for much of the novel, however I believe that this was an intentional haze placed by the author. The hazy and muddled feeling that is cast over Wil really adds to his character development because as he understands what is happening we the reader can see the "smoke" clearing. Wil has an aloof personality, being skittish around new people and often times guarding himself from unknown adversaries; this is a trait I too share and can relate with. He begins with a haze surrounding him, and ends with a clear and sure path to the future! Barry can write a realistic character, especially when it is in a high stress scenario. 
  • Emily: Emily has an inquisitive nature that drags the reader in and does not let go until she has discovered what she was searching for. Beginning the story as a street Urchin, Emily goes throughout a complete transformation by the end of the novel. She is able to develop trust, love, and loyalty which are all things that as an Urchin she pushed aside for her fight or flight instincts. Emily is not entirely good or evil she acts as a very morally ambiguous character at times. This nuanced Urchin caught my attention from the first scene we saw her in!
  • In general the characters are likable, however when put under pressure each one reacts in their own unique way. This reactions differentiation is what allowed me to believe that these characters were "real" as not everyone will see a scenario the same way. 
  • The writing in this book is not especially beautiful or elaborate, however its stunted and varied syntax (sentence structure) adds a great atmosphere to the chaotic thriller plot that Barry has created. 
  • His word choice is simple and easy to read.
  • The pacing is done perfectly, allowing the plot and characters to carry you along the way.
  • All in all good writing, yet still not the best I have read.
Recommended for: 
  • Especially those who appreciate the written word, and the "power" words can have. 
  • Anyone who likes poetry and satire would love the twist that Barry does with famous dead poets. 
Rating: 4.5 stars!

Fan Art: I drew this after I finished the book because I was so inspired by the idea behind words and their power to evoke emotion. I wanted to capture heavy hitting words, and let you all think about what a word is an how we have associated a meaning behind it!

My Favorite photo and artwork I have done in a long time!

Happy Reading! 

Everyone, if you get a chance to pick up this book please do! The themes of the power of words and their inherent meaning is incredible!