Book Buying Ban!

Book Buying Ban:
Through November 2106

Hello people of the empire! I am here today with a solemn and sad post. A confession of sorts. I as I am sure many of you all do buy many more books than I could possibly read in a month or even a year. Because of this fact and the fact I have two full bookcases packed with books to read I have decided to limit the books that I buy this fall to NEW RELEASES. 
The shame of buying a ton of books :(

The terms of my book buying ban are as follows:
  • Books must be new releases if you buy them.
  • When buying a new release you must be reading it within that month.
  • No buying from authors backlists.
  • You may buy a backlist item if it is a buddy read item for that month. 
  • This ban will be lifted on Christmas Day so that you can  spend holiday money. 
  • You may buy books from a backlist only if they are for someone else.
The whole reason I am putting this BAN in place for myself is to keep my from attaining even more TBR books, and to  help me save money. Being a college student I have been very bad with the financial side of things, and I need to hold more money. I will still have the "hip" and new books to review for you all, especially as I will be reviewing quite a few of them for their respective publishers. I will be categorizing my books that I own before going to school on a Goodreads shelf, so if you are curious about what I own and what I could be reading in the next few months that will be a great place to check. 

I am going back to University in only two weeks so I will soon need to select the books going back to school with me . I will have a poll up on both my Twitter page (@Komondor70) and here on the blog for you guys to help me choose series to bring with me. The goal of my reading at University this term will be to conquer the series and to review all the books I can for publishers! So keep your eyes peeled for a poll and university discussion post, in this post I will cover my aims for this term with my reading, my books I am bringing, and how I intend to tackle them all in one term. I know those of you who were around last year when I went to University may have been disappointed with my posting content, however this year I have set aside specific time to be creative on my online platforms!

I hereby agree to all terms listed above, and will use my utmost will power to avoid breaking the terms of this agreement....
~Wil H. (MyBookishEmpire Writer)

Happy Reading!

I will have a review up on Monday and a fun post chatting about all the bookish things happening this fall! Keep your eyes peeled for all the awesome posts to come!


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