August TBR 2016

August TBR 

As you all know, last month was kind of a flop for me in terms of the giant TBR I had planned to complete. There are many reasons for that not happening, though the majority of the blame will be placed on working so much. I am now going to try to cram all those books into one month before I go to school on August 26th; I do not think I can complete them all, but my last day of work is August 6th so then I will have twenty whole days to devote to nothing but reading and reviewing the books I have received! 

I will list them in importance order, many of these I have received for review through NetGalley or from the specified publisher therefor they need to be read and reviewed ASAP!

  1. Jerusalem by: Alan Moore
    1. This was kindly sent to me from the lovely people at Liveright Publishing, on my birthday June 10th, so I must read it this month to prepare a review to be live on September 13th when the book releases.
  2. Ghost Talkers by: Mary Robinette Kowal
    1. this was kindly sent to me on NetGalley for review from Tor, and it will release on August 16th so I am hopeful to have it read before that date!
  3. The End of The End (Anthology) by: Paul Kane, Cavan Scott, and Simmon Guerrier
    1. This one comes out on August 9th from Rebellion publishing!
  4. Red Right Hand by: Levi Black 
    1. I was sent this copy by Tor Teen and it is already out, however I received it on release day so I am aiming to have it reviewed on the blog before the month is complete!
  5. NineFox Gambit by: Yoon Ha Lee 
    1. Another NetGalley title that has been released, I am a few pages into this one, I just need to sit down and complete it.
  6. Mages Blood by: David Hair
    1. Book one in The Moontide Quartet, I will be reviewing the fourth book, Ascendants Rite which releases on September 6th. 
  7. Scarlet Tides by: David Hair
    1. Book two in The Moontide Quartet.
  8. Unholy War by: David Hair 
    1. Book three in The Moontide Quartet.
  9. Ascendants Rite by: David Hair
    1. Book four in The Moontide Quartet, which I received from NetGalley for review!
  10. Sleeping Giants by: Sylvain Neuvel
    1. I started this one in July, however I was unable to finish it with the chaos that happened at the end of the month.
  11. The Wise Man's Fear by: Patrick Rothfuss
    1. I picked this one up on a whim the other day and now I am sucked back into Kvothe's world and do not want to stop until I am done this 1,000 page tome!
  12. The Night Sister by: Jennifer McMahon 
    1. I will be buddy reading this with Missy from TheBingeReader on Youtube!
  13. The One I Left Behind by: Jennifer McMahon 
    1. Another buddy read with Missy from TheBingeReader on YouTube!
Unfortunately for you guys, there will not be a photo of this months TBR. I am not taking a photo of the books because I am already scared and seeing how many pages I have bitten off to read makes me a bit queasy because I am a slow reader. Anyway enough of my ramblings, I MUST go read now if I intend on finishing half of these books this month!

Happy Reading!

Let me know what you are reading in the month of August, I surely have bitten off a lot to complete before the 26th!


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