Book Nerds in College

How To Book Nerd While in University:
Or die trying :)

Hello Guys! 

So as many of you will know I am a university student going to be in my second year in under a week. I am studying Biology at a University in upstate New York USA, so as you can imagine trying to balance the hard work and scientific fact with fiction consumes my life! I have been taking some advanced courses and this year I will be taking courses at a third and fourth year level, so I have been thinking of many creative ways to keep my bookish creativity in check. Today I thought I would share with you the ways I am going to try to stay sane and bookish this year at University. 

I am no expert, last year was the worst few months I had of reading for months on end so I am planning this out in hopes to rectify this awful reading slump. I will be attempting the following things to keep my life at university sane and filled with many great fictional stories!

The Task is simple, however beating the enemy of school work will be a worthy opponent.

I Will Do: 
  1. Carve Out Reading time.
    1. Last year I was very bad at making it aware to both my friends and fellow university peers that I was going to be setting time aside to read and blog. However atleast for the first semester (four months). I will be making the effort to set time to read, I have only one class on Tuesdays which will turn into my weekly blogging day to write and plan the blog and film for the YouTube Channel. I wil also be making it clear to my friends that I need at a minimum of one hour a day to read. Last year I was afraid of missing fun events to take the time for myself; but this year is new.
  2. Bring Tons of Books!
    1. I know you may not get to all of them but having a wide selection of books to read including many genres can help to break up the tedium of school life. I know for myself that the school weeks blurred together into one stressful mess, this is my way to relax and take some time to have "fun" so I am bringing many more books this year than I can read with a wide variety of genres to choose from.
    2. I am going to have a post go live next Friday about the books I will have at University with me, keep your eyes peeled for that at 8AM Friday the 26th of August!
  3. Do Not Care What Others Think: 
    1. When going in to begin University you have a chance to totally reinvent the way you are perceived and I want all you "closeted bookworms" to let it go and embrace it! I was a "closeted bookworm" before going to school, however I decided to take all my nerdy and geeky fandoms and wear them on my sleeve when I went to school. This is a great way to meet other nerdy people and pass along some of your favorite books. I just want to be even more open about it this year with my friends and other students as well.
  4. Make a Cozy Reading nook: 
    1. I actually today just went to pick out a comfy chair to place under my lofted bed when I get to school for the sole purpose of reading. I last year only had a desk chair and the worlds most uncomfortable papasan circular chair so reading was not comfy. I also had a hard time reading in bed because I made my room feel too much like a show room to be enjoyed. My other all goal for the year is to make a stylish and bookish cave to read and hide from the mountains of schoolwork in :) 
  5. Bring Bookish Decor: 
    1. Last year I had a Harry Potter pillow case which will be coming back with me this year but I am also going to try to find some great pieces to add a quirky style to my room. So I encourage you all to decorate your rooms and reading spaces with some stunning literary art! 
  6. READ!
    1.  Again I am going to work on carving some reading time daily where I will no miss out on friends and fun activities, however I am GOING to be reading more than last year I promise you all... I will have hopefully a review up every week and two spunky and fun posts to adorn this Empire's halls. So please stay with me in the coming months, I promise we will make it through it all!
I hope that these anecdotal pieces of information will keep you sane when planning to go to University this year. My main message to you all and myself is to relax and carve reading time daily especially if that is what makes you happy in the stress of university. 

I also recommend you do not compare your reading progress to friends and other awesome internet people who read and review a lot. They may have totally differing situations which will allow them to read and explore more with their creative side. Just be as bookish and true to you as possible and happiness will follow suit! 

Happy Reading!

Please keep an eye out on my YouTube Channel (MyBookishEmpire) for a HUGE final book haul before school!


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