September TBR 2016!

September 2016 TBR!

Hello Everyone, I am back today with a TBR for September, I do realize that this is going to be a very ambitious TBR while at University, however I am determined to attempt this challenge! I will be reading some review books, and some books of my choice this month however you all know the main focus of the first portion of the month, Jerusalem! That being stated this is a lofty TBR however I would love to get through some of these when I cannot bring the tome that is Jerusalem to campus with me. This month I have no exams or heavy projects to complete therefor I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to complete half of these at the least. 

Review Books: 
  • Jerusalem by: Alan Moore
    • Page count: 1279! 
    • Progress Currently: Page 70
    • This one is going to take some time and I may not be able to complete it by the 13th, however I am going to be hosting an exciting giveaway and post on the day of release regardless!
  • Little Nothing by: Marissa Silver 
    • Page Count: 352
    • I have not yet started this novel, I was approved via Netgalley by the publisher to read and review this book for you all, it is released on September 13th as well. This is going to be a major day in publishing!
  • Ascendants Rite by:  David Hair
    • Page Count: 848
    • This one was another NetGalley approved read, that releases on September 6th! Which I will not get to on time for sure, as I still must read the other three prior books in order to read this one. 
  • Summerlong by: Peter S. Beagle 
    • Page Count: 236 
    • This one again was read thanks to NetGalley! However I found that my bookshop had the finished copies out way before release date, September 30th, so I picked up a paperback to read from and carry around with me while at UNI. This one should be guaranteed to have been read by the 30th!
Fun Books: Or the ones that I will not get to read. 
  • Mr.Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by: Robin Sloan 
    • Page Count: 288 
    • This one WILL be completed before September 19th as it is my Bookclub's novel back home and I will be participating via the email system and my review for the novels when I am not home. 
  • The Obelisk Gate by: NK Jemisin 
    • Page Count: 391 
    • This is one I hope to get to because I will be Buddy reading this with James at James Chatham on YouTube starting around the 13th. 
  • The One I Left Behind by: Jennifer McMahon
    • Page Count: 421 
    • This will be a Buddy Read with Missy from BingeReader on YouTube!
And there are plenty more novels that I would like to write down for this list however I will be impressed if I am able to finish these, so I guess I shall stop there and pray I complete them all!

Please check out the most recent YouTube Video aswell,  it will show you all of the books that I have brought with me to University!

Happy Reading!
Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming giveaways and very exciting  posts about the review books I am attempting to finish this month, it is sure to be a great month on the blog!


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