Monday Madness!

Monday Madness!
Week of August 8-15th

I know you all are pretty used to my huge and ambitious TBRs for the week, however this one is going to be bigger than those, and I have a chance of completing everything! I am finally done work for the summer so I am diving head on into my TBR for the month! I have no real plans except to read and read a ton! So as I am sure you are aware, I am the happiest booknerd alive right now with all my reading time! This month is the month of review copies, almost 100% of my TBR is books that I must read and review for the publishers so this week will be no exception; I will forge onward with the reviewing of books!

This Weeks Stack: 
  • Lexicon by: Max Barry 
    • This is my Sci-Fi Plus book groups choice for August and I need to have it finished ASAP! I am enjoying it immensely, and I will surely have a review up on Wednesday of this week for you all to enjoy!
  • Ghost Talkers by: Mary Robinette Kowal 
    • I was very lucky to receive this book from the publisher in e-ARC form for me to read and review before its release on August 16th! You can expect a review to go live on the 16th for this book!
  • NineFox Gambit by: Yoon Ha Lee
    • Another e-ARC from Rebellion publishing, which I began a while a go but I am not sure I am the right target for this book. I will give it one more shot and see where it goes.
  • Red Right Hand by: Levi Black 
    • Another Tor Teen title that I was graciously contacted to receive and review, it is already available in stores, so be sure to go check it out! It is going to be a quick and fun novel to dive into, I can tell already.
  • Mages Blood by: David Hair
    • This is the star of The Moontide Quartet, which I was lucky enough to recieve book four in e-ARC form so thus I must complete the first three to read the fourth by its release date in September! This one is a chunky book, so I am skeptical if I will complete it this week or very early on next week, but alas I will aim for this week!
I know this is very challenging for me to read all of them, however I will push on and attempt to complete them all! I do think I will be able to complete the majority of them this week as they are relatively short in comparison to Mages Blood.

Total Pages to read: 1,761
- Though this is a typically large reading week in terms of page count, I am confident in my ability to complete them all. Wish me luck!

Happy Reading!


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