Friday Reads!

Friday Reads: 
August 6-7th!

I am back with another post today, but this week since I did not do a Monday Madness Post I have opted to show you guys what I will be reading this weekend instead. I have way too many books on my TBR for this month, however I am on a role and should be able to complete them all by the time the month is done! Saturday is my last day of work for the summer so I will have the rest of the month to read as many books as possible, which I cannot wait to do!

Friday Reading Material:

  • Lexicon by: Max Barry
    • This I am reading for an in real life book club that I recently joined, I am about 140
      pages into it so I do not forsee it being an issue to have completed by the end of Saturday.
  • Ghost Talkers by: Mary Robbinette Kowal
    • This I was kindly sent on NetGalley by Tor and I am about 5% into the book, however I need to get this book completed and reviewed on the blog by August 16th when the book is released to the world. I am really loving her writing style and the atmosphere that she can create!
Aside from reading this weekend, I need to begin sorting through all of my books and weeding out the books I no longer want to read. I will be doing an un-haul very shortly and I may give them to you all or bring them to the local shop and receive credit. I will be making a trip to the book store this weekend and just browse and chat with the awesome people in my book club. 

That is all I have planned for this weekend, Reading and in general a very very bookish weekend!

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Happy Reading!


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