Sunday, November 30, 2014

#HarryXmasToYou Readathon

Call me crazy for sure with all of these readathons in the month of December but this is the largets page wise I will ever have attempted....


This series does hold a special place in my heart, as with everyone else so I have decided to be nostalgic and fly back to the days when I was eagerly waiting my wizarding school invitation....

Oh well I guess ill be enrolled in Hogwarts as long as I own and read these books :)

Its the End of 2014 Readathon!

Here are the different event posts they are having us do as challenges:
December 20th- Simply your TBR for the read-a-thon
December 21st- Color the Rainbow.... this is where get book covers from your shelves and make a rainbow
December 22nd- Spell it out.... spell any Wintery or Christmas words with the books you have read this year
December 23rd- Psychic or Not.... try to predict what will happen next in the book you are currently reading
December 24th- Movie Marathon- pick your top 5 books that you think would make awesome movies
December 25th- Winter Wonderland.... create a Wintery scene with either natural materials or things inside that are associate with the season and display the book that you are currently reading
December 26th- Tell Me A Story.... use book titles and author names to create a mini story
December 27th- Building Blocks..... build a structure out of your books
December 28th- Scavenger Hunt.... find items from the covers of your TBR for the read-a-thon or from the covers of the books that you have read so far
December 29th- Shake it up.... reenact or recreate your favorite book cover
December 30th- 2015 Most Anticipated.... list your top ten most anticipated books of 2015
December 31st- 2014 Gems.... list your top ten favorite books of 2014

The Retribution of Mara Dyer By: Michelle Hodkin
Mistborn: The Final Empire By: Brandon Sanderson
Ruin and Rising By: Leigh Bardugo

December AKA The month of the Readathon!

Hello all, Most of you know the feeling of being at the end of the year with your reading goals really low and you want to finish them; however I have finished my reading goal and will be trying to read many books this month for all the readathons I can find just because more books off my TBR before the after Christmas haul.

#CramAThon- This will be hosted by the amazing @Whittynovels on twitter and youtube. This runs from the 20th of December to the 24th, and the goal is to read the shortest books on your shelf to raise the amount of books you have read this year.
#CramAThon Announcement

#HarryXmasToYou- This is exactly as it sounds, we will be reading all the Harry Potter books over the month of December and trying to watch all of the movies in that time frame. The challenge starts on December 1st to the 31st.

Winter Re-Readathon- Hosted by Alma of the blog, the goal in this one is to pick even just one book to reread over the time of December 22nd to January 2nd.

Its The End of 2014 Readathon- this hosted by many people on goodreads, however the main blog for this one is which is where you can find all of the detailed challenge blog posts I will be doing, and the many giveaways that will be hosted through them.

All of these readathons will have TBR's attached to them at some point that you will be able to view, but I will be posting the books I wish to read without the readathons this month in a separate post...\\

Happy Reading

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just Saying Thanks

Dear Publishers...
I know you may never read this. Even though I know you are busy I wanted to thank all of you to know how big of an impact you have on my life you have had from Harry Potter (the boy who lived) to Daughter of Smoke and Bone every publisher in between has changed my life for the better, and I just wanted to thank you. Scholastic made an impact since childhood with Harry Potter and now allowing me to review a copy of Salt & Stone By Victoria Scott early, you all have been nothing but nice. All of the others have provided me with the worlds and knowledge I have used to build my vocabulary and imagination...

So Thank You Publishers for imprinting these amazing stories on me!

Thank You to Every author as well!

Publishers On My Mind:
Harlequin Teen
Simon and Schuster
Penguin Press

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Break READATHON!

Join me in re-reading the Hunger Games Trilogy...

When: November 26th-30th

Why: Lets give thanks for the food and family that we have by appretiating the story of a society that has nothing. Let us join the uprising for PANEM!

How to sign up:
1. Post a comment down bellow with your blog name
2. Share it via a blog post or tweet
3/ Get ready to rebel on the 26th!!

I hope you will join me on November 26th for the HungerThon!

This did not go as I had planned, because I had no one with interest it fell apart... maybe in 2015 there will be another one...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

This Post will not be in any particular order, however all of these books are perfect gifts for the holidays.

Fire & Flood By: Victoria Scott
Plot: Tella is an average girl whose brother has a life threatening ilness with an unattainable illness. She is the one link that can get him the cure, with her winning of the Brimstone Bleed a multi continental race that goes through the deserts and rainforests. This book is the Hunger Games meets the Amazing Race & Pokemon.
Gift for: ANY Dystopian fan, or person who is intrigued by mystical creatures (i.e Maddox the fox)

Let's Get Lost By: Adi Alsaid 
Plot: Leila is on a mission to see the northern lights in Alaska, when she runs into five completely different people along the way; Hudson, Bree, Elliot, Sonia and Leila. Each character is given a section of the book where their view of Leila is shown, until the last chunk where we hear Leila's story and he reasoning for embarking on this journey to begin with. This novel is John Green and Gayle Foreman.
Gift for: That guy who is secretly in love for with contemporaries, or the girl who is anxiously waiting for another John Green book to release...

Ready Player One By: Ernest Cline 
Plot: The main character is in a futuristic world where the world is in shambles and their society plays a multiplayer video game called Oasis. Oasis is a a game where the alternate reality is perfect and where the majority of their lives are forced to take place. All I can truly say is you need to read it if you are a gamer, or love 80's pop references.
Gift for: That nerdy person who just wants to live in the past, or that gamer who says he totally isn't in to reading and never will (prove them wrong with this awesome book)

Eon & Eona By: Allison Goodman
Plot: Eon is a "boy" who is training to become a dragoneye in china where only boys are allowed to protect the dragon magic, yet Eona is on her way to connect with the most rare dragon, the mirror dragon which includes all 12 of the celestial dragon powers in one form. This book is impossible to formulate a good plot for, as with all good fantasy but this is a must read for all game of thrones fans.
Gift for: Fantasy lovers with an interest in feminine themes along with those people who have a book hangover from Game of Thrones.

A Walk in The Woods By: Bill Bryson
Plot: A hilarious count of two friends trek across the Appalachian trail to find themselves. This story is full of classic Bryson humor and wit that will have you laughing or wanting to hit the characters for their stupidity. this book encompass that grey line between non-fiction and fiction that has some true aspects, but lacks the dry and dull form of non fiction. Join the Hike with two inexperienced men as they trek 2500 miles to find what they truly stand for, and enjoy many laughs along the way.
Gift for: The avid outdoors man who is too busy hiking to read, if this book goes in his pack it is sure to be read time and time again.

The Wolf Gift By: Anne Rice
Plot: "A young reporter on assignment from the San Francisco Observer. . . an older woman, welcoming him into her magnificent, historic family home that he has been sent to write about and that she must sell with some urgency . . . A chance encounter between two unlikely people . . . an idyllic night—shattered by horrific unimaginable violence..."(Goodreads) This book has magical elements, the occasional crime solving mystery, and a dash of romance.
Gift for: ANYONE (who is mature to read ADULT books)....

Goodreads Links:
Fire & Flood
Let's Get Lost
Ready Player One
A Walk in The Woods
The Wolf Gift

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Black Friday BArgains


Back again with another post, this one is my favorite retailers for the upcoming holiday season... This is a retailer that I use because I have a Kindle and am planning to upgrade my kindle this year on black Friday to prepare for going to college and having limited book space. Anyway why you should check this store out is their awesome customer service and low prices comparatively speaking on all the new releases. They even have before BLACK FRIDAY DEALS going on this week so go check them out. THis store has the best young adult bargain section that I have seen with new books. The deals are amplified with their members card which I have that gives you free shipping and exclusive sales on top of their Black Friday deals. they have every book that has been recently released always in good stock and low prices. CHECK THEM OUT!

Any Indipendant bookstore- Go out and socialize and explore the world of books in your area on this mass consumer day, get recommendations from people in the stores and spending money in local bookstores allows them to keep their door open so visit them on Black Friday or Small Buisiness Saturday. Just Be Sure to Visit your Local Bookstore this holiday season. This is an Amazing  online bookstore that has books deeply discounted and ready to sell with the hardcovers ranging from 6-8$ and paper backs as low as 1-4$, this store doesn't have all of the new releases but the books they have can be pretty popular & the site works almost like an auction where there are limited quantities of that book so you need to go on fill your cart and check out fast. However for Black Friday they are doing a double sale 30% off everything in their store with the chance of getting 10$ in free books if you LOG ON NOW AND PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL AND SHARE THE SALE THEY WILL GIVE YOU A 10$ COUPON TO USE ON BLACK FRIDAY!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Computer Troubles...

My current HP Computer may have finally died on me, so i will need to wait until Christmas for another possible replacement... :(

So tomorrow I will be doing a few scheduled posts to make sure that you have content until I have a replacement(hopefully a Mac book Air). I am currently using a school computer I just need to be careful because they may flag my blogging and restrict my internet access...

Things to look for:
Bookish Holiday Guide
Celebrating Classics
Winter Re-readathon TBR
Bookish Recommends
New Releases of 2015(New & Notable)
Dear Publishers...
The ARC train Project
Favorite Book retailers (Black Friday/Cyber Monday Prep)
Kindle Review????
My Bookish Wishlist!

Thanks for starting to read my blog I know I am new to the Blogging world, but i hope to add a lot to both communities both Blogging and Reading...

Happy Reading...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter Re-Readathon!!!!

Who: Anyone who is able to read.... Hosted by Alma at  Diary of a Booklover

When?: December 22nd through January 2nd

Why: Often times we do not get to reread books with our outrageous TBR piles and busy schedules, so this is your chance to have an "excuse" to reread some of your favorite books...

How to Join: Click the link for Alma's Blog and you will be directed to the sign up post, you must sign up to participate, you also will have chances to win giveaways and other awesome book related items.

So what are you still doing here? Head to Alma's Blog and register it is sure to be a great time!

My personal TBR Post will be coming the week before the actual event so you can look out for that, for now just start to think about what you will be reading for this Readathon of epic proportions.... Let us all reread the books that we love!

(Photo from Alma's Blog)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

New & Notable Author Spotlight ( Adi Alsaid )

What Adi has written: Let's Get Lost Published earlier 2014

Adi Alsaid

Author Interactions:
I personally have been following and talking to Adi for months in anticipation for his novel, and he has to be the most down to earth, funny, and encouraging author I have spoken with... He has a website which I will link down bellow, go check out his giveaway for all you NaNoWrimo writers out there. He allowed my request to have my book signed by him be fulfilled when I sent it to Texas, Hoping he comes to the north east soon :)
Adi's Offer/Giveaway

Let's Get Lost:

Plot: This novel follows Leila on her journey across America in her flaming red car to see the northern lights in Alaska. Along the way she meets five total strangers, which the book is told from their perspectives until her finally chapter in the end. We have Elliot, Bree, Hudson, and Sonia who all are impacted by the sporadic and spunky Leila and her obscenely red car. Essentially I would recommend this book to anyone who is a contemporary fan especially those who like John Green's Looking for Alaska. This is a new take on an old trope, but in this story the road trip takes many turns and detours along the way; I hope you hop in your car and Seize the Tuesday as Leila does.

I will not go into much depth on character specifics, as I feel like you will get more from the story if you go in blind. When you begin the story you're thrust into Hudson's life where Leila comes in when her car breaks down, they quickly change and build a friendship and then you're switched into another point of view. In general these characters are very well developed and become your friends even though you only see their story for 60ish pages, these characters will become some of the most memorable contemporary characters that you have read in a long time. They are multifaceted characters with layers of complexity much like an onion without the crying and bitter smell...

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Amazon link to purchase the book
Goodreads Link to Let's Get Lost

Friday, November 14, 2014

Reviews ( Angelfall By: Susan Ee )

This book has a pace that has you flipping the page for hours until you are done...

While the plot is more where the story was focused, the characters were full of uncommon wit and sarcasm which is where I find characters to be the most entertaining and realistic, Susan Ee did not disappoint on that front.  The characters were deffinately entertaining to hear banter, hovever they ;lacked the depth and true complexities I am used to reading about therefor I took one star away from it. However do not let the lack of character driven story drive you away from reading it, it is an amazing dystopian read, so I would suggest you go out and support this awesome author by reading her book. :)
Raffe is an angel who has his wings gruesomely chopped off (within chapter 1) and Penryn is an average girl who makes a pact with him helps him to get his wings back, if and only if he helps guide her to where his attackers took her little sister. Their alliance has grown to more than your average friendship in the end, because of this I cant wait to read the sequels. We see them from their horrific first meeting to their last stand fighting against the killer angels and Penryn's deranged mother. This book has something for everyone, mystical creatures, terrifying monsters and a dystopian story that will stay with readers for a long time to come...

Trigger words: Abduction, Rebellion, Gritty, and Addictive...
Go read Penryn's Story to help find her sister with the angel who is hated by everyone...!

Star Rating: ****/*****

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

RAD... Read All Day
This is one of the amazing programs that my school does yearly to encourage the entire school to read for pleasure, it is truly astonishing.
The event begins with us making food in our school kitchen and then splitting off into groups to go to different rooms to read for a solid 3.5 hours and then when you have English class or study halls. There is a goal of 25k pages to be read in a day, and if the school makes the goal our principal will dress up as a character of our choosing ( a few years ago he got a pink dress and a toy sheep to be little bo peep, he underestimated my small schools will power :) )

Either way I realize how lucky I am to have this opportunity to read all day in school... so here is my To Be Read pile Which I intend to finish at least one book from!
Vicious- By V.E Schwab
- This was a book club pick for last month but the liveshow is late so I am aiming to get caught up to participate :) Plus this book seems to be very under Hyped, so if you have it on your shelf please pick it up and read it with me tomorrow 11-14-14... If completed the review will be up this weekend!
Ruin & Rising- By: Leigh Bardugo
- This is the conclusion to the Grisha series and I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here, and what trouble Alina gets herself into this time.... Series review pending my completion of this novel!! But incase you haven't picked up the books the first one is Shadow and Bone and I recommend you stop right now and go read, its a fantasy in an alternate Russia what else could you want?

The General Expectations:

If you post a comment, no explicit words, or SPOILERS.

Invite your friends to come and see the Empire.

Posts by myself will be made as often as possible in a week, 1-3 times.

If you have any feedback please let me know, because I am new to the blogging world...


A special thanks goes out to my friends who have given me the name and encouragement to make this blog Jenna Clare ( Who gave me the name based on a song she wrote), and Whitney from Whittynovels on youtube ( Who has been amazing)..
This is Jenna's My Bookish Empire song