Reviews ( Angelfall By: Susan Ee )

This book has a pace that has you flipping the page for hours until you are done...

While the plot is more where the story was focused, the characters were full of uncommon wit and sarcasm which is where I find characters to be the most entertaining and realistic, Susan Ee did not disappoint on that front.  The characters were deffinately entertaining to hear banter, hovever they ;lacked the depth and true complexities I am used to reading about therefor I took one star away from it. However do not let the lack of character driven story drive you away from reading it, it is an amazing dystopian read, so I would suggest you go out and support this awesome author by reading her book. :)
Raffe is an angel who has his wings gruesomely chopped off (within chapter 1) and Penryn is an average girl who makes a pact with him helps him to get his wings back, if and only if he helps guide her to where his attackers took her little sister. Their alliance has grown to more than your average friendship in the end, because of this I cant wait to read the sequels. We see them from their horrific first meeting to their last stand fighting against the killer angels and Penryn's deranged mother. This book has something for everyone, mystical creatures, terrifying monsters and a dystopian story that will stay with readers for a long time to come...

Trigger words: Abduction, Rebellion, Gritty, and Addictive...
Go read Penryn's Story to help find her sister with the angel who is hated by everyone...!

Star Rating: ****/*****

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