Computer Troubles...

My current HP Computer may have finally died on me, so i will need to wait until Christmas for another possible replacement... :(

So tomorrow I will be doing a few scheduled posts to make sure that you have content until I have a replacement(hopefully a Mac book Air). I am currently using a school computer I just need to be careful because they may flag my blogging and restrict my internet access...

Things to look for:
Bookish Holiday Guide
Celebrating Classics
Winter Re-readathon TBR
Bookish Recommends
New Releases of 2015(New & Notable)
Dear Publishers...
The ARC train Project
Favorite Book retailers (Black Friday/Cyber Monday Prep)
Kindle Review????
My Bookish Wishlist!

Thanks for starting to read my blog I know I am new to the Blogging world, but i hope to add a lot to both communities both Blogging and Reading...

Happy Reading...


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