Black Friday BArgains


Back again with another post, this one is my favorite retailers for the upcoming holiday season... This is a retailer that I use because I have a Kindle and am planning to upgrade my kindle this year on black Friday to prepare for going to college and having limited book space. Anyway why you should check this store out is their awesome customer service and low prices comparatively speaking on all the new releases. They even have before BLACK FRIDAY DEALS going on this week so go check them out. THis store has the best young adult bargain section that I have seen with new books. The deals are amplified with their members card which I have that gives you free shipping and exclusive sales on top of their Black Friday deals. they have every book that has been recently released always in good stock and low prices. CHECK THEM OUT!

Any Indipendant bookstore- Go out and socialize and explore the world of books in your area on this mass consumer day, get recommendations from people in the stores and spending money in local bookstores allows them to keep their door open so visit them on Black Friday or Small Buisiness Saturday. Just Be Sure to Visit your Local Bookstore this holiday season. This is an Amazing  online bookstore that has books deeply discounted and ready to sell with the hardcovers ranging from 6-8$ and paper backs as low as 1-4$, this store doesn't have all of the new releases but the books they have can be pretty popular & the site works almost like an auction where there are limited quantities of that book so you need to go on fill your cart and check out fast. However for Black Friday they are doing a double sale 30% off everything in their store with the chance of getting 10$ in free books if you LOG ON NOW AND PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL AND SHARE THE SALE THEY WILL GIVE YOU A 10$ COUPON TO USE ON BLACK FRIDAY!

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