RAD... Read All Day
This is one of the amazing programs that my school does yearly to encourage the entire school to read for pleasure, it is truly astonishing.
The event begins with us making food in our school kitchen and then splitting off into groups to go to different rooms to read for a solid 3.5 hours and then when you have English class or study halls. There is a goal of 25k pages to be read in a day, and if the school makes the goal our principal will dress up as a character of our choosing ( a few years ago he got a pink dress and a toy sheep to be little bo peep, he underestimated my small schools will power :) )

Either way I realize how lucky I am to have this opportunity to read all day in school... so here is my To Be Read pile Which I intend to finish at least one book from!
Vicious- By V.E Schwab
- This was a book club pick for last month but the liveshow is late so I am aiming to get caught up to participate :) Plus this book seems to be very under Hyped, so if you have it on your shelf please pick it up and read it with me tomorrow 11-14-14... If completed the review will be up this weekend!
Ruin & Rising- By: Leigh Bardugo
- This is the conclusion to the Grisha series and I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here, and what trouble Alina gets herself into this time.... Series review pending my completion of this novel!! But incase you haven't picked up the books the first one is Shadow and Bone and I recommend you stop right now and go read, its a fantasy in an alternate Russia what else could you want?


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