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What Adi has written: Let's Get Lost Published earlier 2014

Adi Alsaid

Author Interactions:
I personally have been following and talking to Adi for months in anticipation for his novel, and he has to be the most down to earth, funny, and encouraging author I have spoken with... He has a website which I will link down bellow, go check out his giveaway for all you NaNoWrimo writers out there. He allowed my request to have my book signed by him be fulfilled when I sent it to Texas, Hoping he comes to the north east soon :)
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Let's Get Lost:

Plot: This novel follows Leila on her journey across America in her flaming red car to see the northern lights in Alaska. Along the way she meets five total strangers, which the book is told from their perspectives until her finally chapter in the end. We have Elliot, Bree, Hudson, and Sonia who all are impacted by the sporadic and spunky Leila and her obscenely red car. Essentially I would recommend this book to anyone who is a contemporary fan especially those who like John Green's Looking for Alaska. This is a new take on an old trope, but in this story the road trip takes many turns and detours along the way; I hope you hop in your car and Seize the Tuesday as Leila does.

I will not go into much depth on character specifics, as I feel like you will get more from the story if you go in blind. When you begin the story you're thrust into Hudson's life where Leila comes in when her car breaks down, they quickly change and build a friendship and then you're switched into another point of view. In general these characters are very well developed and become your friends even though you only see their story for 60ish pages, these characters will become some of the most memorable contemporary characters that you have read in a long time. They are multifaceted characters with layers of complexity much like an onion without the crying and bitter smell...

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