Monday Madness 8-22-16

Monday Madness: 
August 22nd 2016

Hello Everyone!

I am coming to you from my local library to post today! I am going to be here for a while until my YouTube video is uploaded later this afternoon. I will give a link when it becomes live this afternoon, be sure to follow my Twitter page @Komondor70.

I am sorry that this post is going to be going up so late on Monday, however I have been running errands and prepping for school to start this weekend. I am going to make this a quick post today as the major book I will be reading now through the middle of September is a chunker and will take all the attention I have to give to it. I am going to be reading two books this week in junction with that huge book, and moving into school so let us see if I will be able to do it!

I Want to Finish: 
  • The Night Sister by: Jennifer McMahon 
    • About 200 pages left
I Want to Continue With: 
  • The Wise Man's Fear by: Patrick Rothfuss 
    • about 903 pages to go, something that I know I will not be completing this month. However I do want to continue with this book before I forget the basics os the first books plot. 
I Need To Start: 
  • Jerusalem by: Alan Moore 
    • This I am reading and reviewing for Liveright Publishing group on September 13th when this tome is released. This book is a whopping 1184 pages! I cannot wait to get this book going and dive headlong into the wacky and weird story that it is going to be. 

This link will work as soon as the video goes live this afternoon!

Happy Reading!

Keep up to date with the blog and YouTube channel this week, as I am prepping to move back into university I will have a few posts going up about the books I am bringing and next Monday will have a nice room tour hopefully! All the fun things will be coming in a few days so keep your eyes peeled! 


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