Weekly Goals 11-28-16

Reading Plans: 
Week of 11-28-16

Hello all!

This week is going to be a very hectic week for me, however I do intend to set aside atleast one hour a day to listening to my current audiobook I am reading. I love reading audiobooks as of lately, and I find that listening and reading along helps me to read along at a faster pace than normal. With the week being very busy I am not planning to finish anything in the week, however I NEED to plow on in some of the books I have going at the moment. 

That book that I am going to be focussing on right now is: 
  • Jerusalem 
    • By: Alan Moore 
    • This book was kindly sent by the publisher Liveright which is an imprint of Norton. This book is a book that I am enjoying, however it requires some great dedication that is not always easy to give to a big book over a month (or in my case, many month) time frame. This book also holds an odd connotation of the girl I lost and it makes reading it very hard as I think about the past, but alas the world moves forward. 
Aside from reading this book daily I intend to stay alive for the weekend at which point I will be reading and watching Netflix to relax. This weekend I am going to try catch up on Reign which is a purely delightful show about Mary Queen of Scots!  This is one of my two favorite shows of the moment, including Arrow, also a CW show. 

Aside from Netflix, school work, and trying to keep warm this week as the snow builds up outside, I also intend to write a review for either Wednesday or Friday for Man Up by: Jack Urwin. This book struck a great chord in my soul and I need you all to hear exactly why I love it; it may be non-fiction, none the less is it important for everyone to look closer at. I think Urwin will have a bright career after the release of this book at such a young age, he is destined for great things. I know for one that I will be eagerly awaiting his next piece of journalism or book to be published!

I have some exciting posts in the coming weeks, such as my Holiday Gift Guide, My Holiday Wishlist, and My Top books of The Year! I cannot wait to share the upcoming posts with you, so be sure to check in daily as these next posts may arrive on a day when I have not otherwise scheduled to post on; I like to keep some mysticism in my schedule. 

Happy Reading! 

I hope all is well with each and every one of you, and that you will be able to pick up some amazing reads soon. 


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