Cold Hard Dedication...

Feeling the Bern in Montpelier!
Well worth the long, cold wait!

As you all know, I am from a small state called Vermont in the United States of America. If you have been following the past few weeks in the news you will know that candidate Donald J. Trump one the US general election. This is something that I do not think is good in any way! I respect all people's views and beliefs so long as you actually went out to vote on election day, however I digress. I am here today to show you my amazing day that I had on Tuesday meeting my senator and past presidential candidate Bernard (Bernie) Sanders. 

Bernie was touring the state of Vermont on Tuesday for the release of his new book Our Revolution: A Future To Believe In that was released on November 15th 2016. This mini-tour was such an incredible opportunity for those in the US to meet the man who has vehemently stood against Trump since the beginning, and continues to counteract Trumps extreme ideas. Bernie has spoke out for many things such as the Dakota Pipeline that will run through a Native people's land which is a bad idea to begin with (the pipeline). Regardless this is not a politically driven post, if you have not heard of Mr.Sanders please look him up online or better yet buy his book! 

This event was held at my favorite bookshop in the WORLD, BearPond Books in Montpelier Vermont USA. The event was scheduled to begin at 3PM when customers were allowed to purchase pre signed books of which there was a limited quantity, and then at 4PM Bernie was scheduled to arrive and greet his fans for photos. Tuesday was the day I left University for Thanksgiving break, I left at 9AM from New York and drove as fast as I could the four hours to get back for this signing. My friend Brianna and I arrived in Montpelier at 1:30PM, at which time the line in front of the bookstore already included 100 people. We sprinted from out car to get in line, then we waited the one and a half hours until we were permitted to purchase our signed copies. The determination to get these books and meet the man himself was incredibly heartwarming. All the supporters outside the bookstore were friendly and approachable, we rejoiced in our shared love of Bernie and his messages. 

The wait to purchase our books went faster than I originally had expected with the friends that we made at the event time seemed to fly by! When the line began to move everyone was tense and nervous in hopes that they would get the chance to buy their two pre-signed books. Brianna and I made it inside the bookshop at 3:45 this time in the store allowed just enough time to thaw out and grab the two signed copies we wanted, and then shuffle out into the cold again. With our books in hand and ticket guaranteeing our meeting with Bernie we were able to relax and enjoy the company around us and the brisk Vermont weather of late November. At this time there was only fifteen minutes until Bernie was scheduled to arrive and begin the meet and greet! 

Bernie Arrived! We (Crowds) began to scream and yell to him as he made the walk across the street from our state house, all surrounding cars were honking and flashing their lights. This moment is a moment that I will never forget, the entirety of the crowd came together to welcome Bernie to the Capital city once again! Pure JOY and LOVE was felt within this crowd all day but it overflowed at the site of Bernie's signature unkempt white hair. 
I spy with my little eye, a white haired Politician

The line is moving again! We are getting to meet the man who has given my generation hope and the strength to stand up and speak against what we disagree with! The excitement that was in my heart and stomach is forever going to be indescribable, it was like seeing an old friend and meeting your favorite musician all at once. Brianna and I were jumping by the time we reached the door, both to thaw our feet and to calm ourselves for the meeting that was imminent! Walking into the bookstore will never top that moment when we walked inside and I was able to see Bernie's white hair at the other side of the store. The line moved rather quickly inside due to the volume of people that were seeing Bernie that day. Brianna and I were so happy when we reached the front of the line to see this man who means so much to those in our generation! We then met Bernie and took a few photos with him and chatted a little. This man is so welcoming and nice that we had not trouble going up to him and speaking with him and taking photos. He is everything you hope a politician will be, kind, compassionate, stern, and caring! 

I know this turned into a recounting of the day I met Bernie Sanders and how it has changed me so much, however I do want to link the book bellow for you all to go and buy to see why this man is such an inspiration to so many here in the States. We Love You Bernie!
Hello from Vermont!
So happy to have finally met Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT)


Happy Reading! 
I will post something on Monday, be sure to come back! Until then rest and enjoy family and friends and a good book!


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