Mistborn: The Final Empire REVIEW (Spoiler Free)

Tag Line: The Best Fantasy Book ever written...! ( No Lie!)

              In this world there are two very different classes of people, the Skaa which are the lowest of the low and do all the Noble men's slave labor; the Noble Men are the higher class who are involved in the court system. The Lord Ruler is the God like figure that has presided over the empire for a thousand years with his iron fist crushing any hope of change for the Skaa. The magic system in this world is very unique it is called Alomancy, which is where you can ingest metals if you have the ability and burn them to take their powers, for example tin enhances sight & pewter enhances strength...ect. The Skaa finally get the spark of hope when a man named Yeden hires the great thieving crew of Kelsier (Survivor of Hathsin pits) to take down the empire; Kelsier like many non Skaa has the ability of Allomancy, as many of his crew does. But when Kelsier sees Vin a young Skaa theif and feels her using Allomancy he takes her under his wing and enlists her to take down The Final Empires Lord Ruler...  READ THE FINAL EMPIRE TO DISCOVER THE REBELLION!

Pacing: This fantasy novel does not have the typical first book syndrome where it is sluggish and difficult to get into, which deffinately is a plus. When the heist begins to unfold this book has you engrossed into the story and flipping pages as fast as humanly possible.

Characters: I will go into some detail of each, however not a lot because getting to know the characters is half the fun.
Kelsier- The crews charismatic leader, he is a Mistborn and is the one who trains the crew. His witty banter and somewhat snarky sayings will be stuck in your head for months after.
Vin- The ever amazing Skaa Allomancer who is recruited to join the team as a spy on the nobles. She is my favorite character for her blunt and very snarky comments to anyone including the nobles.
Elend- Met in the second half of this book, he is the Heir to the House Venture and becomes key to the rebellion in the facts given out. He has a sweet demeanor and is quite aloof, very possibly my favorite male lead in a fantasy novel.

Rating: *****/*****

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