Appretiating Classics

Why I am Posting this: I have recently made it my mission to stay up to par with schooling and the Cannon. I have been reading many more classics this year and in the past few months and I would like to create a discussion post for us to talk Classics.

Why I love Classics:
  • They grant a sense of accomplishment when you finish one.
  • You have to work at the language and dialects to discern the message (challenge)
  • The Prose and stories are giving a glimpse into what life was like many years ago.
What makes a Great classic to me?
  • Eloquent language
  • Minute details fleshed out in full color
  • Vivid imagery
  • Witty Dialog
  • An Underlying message, or sense of meaning
My Favorite Classic of all Time:
I have recently finished this novel, however I know that nothing will ever be able to uphold the power or language and plot twist mastery than The Picture Of Dorian Gray By: Oscar Wilde will be able to for me... Be on the look out for a REVIEW coming soon.
This has given me a new love for the old classics, I will try to read everything that Oscar Wilde has ever written from now on, his writing is stunning and cryptic at the same time...

Please Please comment down in the comments to talk with me about the clasics you have read, and why you think we should read them as well as what you think makes a good classic...

Happy Reading!


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