World After By Susan Ee Spoiler free!

I thought to open this review I would let you all know that when I am reviewing the sequels to novels, I will not be as in depth because I have already talked about the authors style, & characters in the review of the prior novel. Thus this review will only include Plot, Character development, and general thoughts...

General Thoughts:
This book was even more fast paced and addictive than the first one, how that is possible I do not know, but it blew my mind! This novel picks up the loose ends left in angel fall and ties them to your heart and tugs on them the whole way.

To me this novel is the best one of the two that are currently out. The plot follows the main character Penryn and her family on the hunt for the angel that was lost in book one, however this changes when they are together it becomes a story of science and intrigue when the group is brought to a scorpion factory and sees how and who go into the monsters. The story focused towards why the angels came down and how they felt they were doing their part, which I found fascinating but could see how some would consider it boring...

Character Development: SPOILERS BELLOW!
  • Penryn and Raffe's relations ship intensified towards the end, giving some closure to what we all saw coming... :)
  • Penryn grows to be the main caregiver for her unstable family, which is even more crucial now that they have Paige back and in horrendous state.
  • Raffe finally breaks the bad boy mold and shows his compassionate side...
  • The angels all become more outspoken and almost understandable to the reader with their ideas of Judgment day...



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