Blogging is Inspirational

This blog has  been something that is a therapeutic opportunity for me, meeting those who love books around me as well as creating content you all want to read.

5 Things that Inspire My Blogging:

  1. The people I meet.
    1. I have meet so many people who share the common interest of fantasy novels and books in general. Which is something that my area is severely lacking. :)
  2. Having an outlet to put my bookish feelings on.
    1. Before I would just talk to friends about what I had read and what I thought, although honestly a brick wall could have held a better conversation than them...
  3. Finding new books to read.
    1. One of the best feelings in the world is finding the new perfect book to read!
  4. YOU GUYS, My readers!
    1. You make this fun and possible, as we grow I would like to find ways to thank you, Giveaways are coming to thank you all after the christmas holidays!
  5. Being creative!



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