2016 Reading/ Blog Goals

2016 Blog Goals

These are the ideas and aspects of my reading life and the blogging life that I would like to change or improve upon in the coming year. I would love to hear your plans for the new year if you want to share leave a comment, I would love to read everyone's goals for the coming year!

Blogging Goals:

  1. Review every book that I read throughout the year!
    1. I would like to do this as a personal record for myself to see what I thought later on in life. I understand my long winded full reviews may be too much information for some, and I will curb that as well.
  2. Wrap Up Each Month
    1. I plan to do this using a short synopsis of what I liked about the book along with pictures, and links to the full reviews incase you all would like to see them... I want to give you guys a readers digest form to stay up to date with what is happening in the Empire.
  3. Post Book Purchases
    1. I am toying with the idea of utilizing photography more on this blog, to showcase the books I buy each month, along with certain specifications about the edition I purchased so that you all may easily find the same copy if you desire it.
  4. Interaction with my readers!
    1. I would love to have conversations with you all about my posts, and that is one of the reasons I began the blog; to connect with like minded bookish people. I am making a plea that we all use the comments this year, I will reply to every comment assuming I receive them.
  5. Blog Posts will go up EVERY Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Reading Goals: 
  • Read 50 Books Again
    • I have managed this task for this year and would like to keep the pace up!
  • Utilize Goodreads Better
    • I have realized that throughout this year I have missed a fair few books on goodreads that I in fact have read and loved, so in the new year I want to keep my Goodreads as well kept as my shelves; using the correct edition and cataloging every book I read with updates along the way.
  • Read The Pre-Requisite Series:
    • The Harry Potter Series (Finish books 4-7) 
      • I beg of you to not spoil anything for me please...
    • The Lord of the Rings By: JRR Tolkein 
    • The Discworld Books By: Sir Terry Pratchett 
      • ( Or at least begin the long journey with these books)
  • Read More Short Stories
    • I will be attaining this goal with my AJ Fikry reading challenge for the year. I will also be picking up some amazing anthologies of science fiction and fantasy in the coming year.
  • Utilize my Kindles More
    • I have three kindles total, the third one ever released, the second model of the Fire, and the Kindle Paperwhite (My Favorite)
    • I have so many novels on these kindles to read, however in the shuffle of everyday bookish happenings I have forgotten about so many. And this year I would like to buy books on my Kindle and read on it when possible and not forget I own them again.
  • Read All/ Most of Carlos Ruiz Zafon's English translated works
    • As his novel The Shadow of the Wind was my favorite novel of the year I would love to see how he explores many other stories.
  • Read Les Miserables By: Victor Hugo throughout 2016
    • This is a novel which I enjoy the Broadway soundtrack for so immensely that I have the urge to read and conquer this book this year! 
  • Buy books ONLY that:
    • Are continuations in series that I already own a book in the series.
    • Buddy reads with my friends and fellow Bloggers.
    • Read two books before buying one new book (new release, or otherwise) 
Lets all bring in the New Year with great people and reading some amazing new books! 
Cheers to the New Year!

P.S Please leave a comment with one of your highest priority goals for the new year, Bookish or otherwise.


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