Favorite Books of 2015!

These are a five of my Favorite Books

I have decided to break my favorite books up into categories with one book as my all time favorite book of the year. Otherwise these are all wonderful! All of these books have reviews on my blog.

Top Favorite of the year!
  • The Shadow of the Wind
    • By: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
    • I loved this book, it is in a wonderful book about books and their powers to evoke curiosity and connection between people. It has one of the best settings that I have ever read, Barcelona right before the Fascist regime takes over. The writing is lyrical and amazing, a perfect book to just curl up with and read the day away with! 
    • Shadow of the Wind Review

Best Historical Fiction
  • All the Light We Cannot See
    • By: Anthony Doer
    • This book has a very unique cast of characters with the setting of World War Two France. The characters are done to perfection, with the writing immersing you from the first page!

Best Fantasy
  • The Name of The Wind
    • By: Patrick Rothfuss
    • This book was amazing! Intricate plots and entertaining characters, however the writing is what pushed this one to the top... 
  • The very close rival was The Black Prism By: Brent Weeks.

Best Conclusion to a Series
  • The Hero of Ages 
    • By: Brandon Sanderson
    • This series and book in particular will stay with me forever, however I couldn't give it my favorite book of the year because I feel that the writing in this pales to the comparison of The Shadow of the Wind
    • This is still my favorite fantasy cast of character by far!

Most entertaining and Funny
  • The Old Mans War 
    • By: John Scalzi 
    • This book is funny, witty and everything I needed to laugh and have fun while reading, it is a definite recommendation from me! 
Honorable Mentions: 

  • The Martian By: Andy Weir 
    • This book and movie combo made me laugh and cry and feel secure that I was going in the right direction for my major in college of Biology. One quote has stuck with me since reading this book, "I am going to science the shit out of this" It makes me laugh so hard I cry!
  • The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye
    • By: Matthew Kressel
      • This is a neat short story exploring disease and the future of not only our planet but more so our solar system and how it is deteriorating.


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