Balancing Academics and my Bookish Life

Hello all, Day three of Vlogmas! I am proud to bring you another post, which is a compilation of tips I have learned I need to implement or have found helpful to remain Bookish while in college!

  1. Always have a book with you!
    1. If you do not have something with you to read, you cannot read anything even if you have time.
  2. Alternate between long and short books.
    1. Keeping your pacing up will give you the motivation to keep going.
  3. Keep the genre you love close by but don't read them all the time.
    1. Reading all your favorite genre is great, until you get burnt out.
  4. Take time to read, for your study reward.
  5. Get the motivation for reading by watching and or reading Youtube videos and blog posts!

Check Back tomorrow for more :) 


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