College Textbook RANT!

Textbooks are the bane of any students existence!

There are very many reasons why WE the student population hates the texbook industry, however first and foremost it is because of the outlandish prices!


  • Why are they so expensive
    • They are just larger novels with glossy pages
    • There are colored images
    • They are usually hardcover, or very floppy huge paperbacks
      • I hate the price of textbooks, because in the USA atleast we must pay in the range of $30,000-80,000 a year for school and then on top of that we have to buy around $1,200 on books that they "need" for the courses.

  • Some teachers make us buy the books, however they do not require any use of it in the course.
    • My math course has a textbook and an online homework software that came with is and I literally for my entire semester only used my online software which I could have baught separately for $80 where as the book i had to buy was $240. 
    • However on the flip side I have a chemistry book that my teacher made for us which we use as a fill in the blank note guide so it is integral to our learning. This is what a textbook should be like, something we NEED to pass the course!
Questions for my readers:
  1. Do you rent books, if so have you had a good experience?
  2. Should textbooks be free with the course fees you are paying?
  3. Where are you able to find cheap textbooks?
    1. I use
      1. Thriftbooks
      2. Abebooks
      3. Amazon Marketplace
  4. Do you know how much I paid for books for my Spring Term?
    1. TOO MUCH!
    2. Around $400, and I was bargain shopping to find used copies of the five books I needed.


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