Bookish Gifts (Under $50)

These are all amazing gifts for the Holidays! Check them out, my books I will be giving for christmas will be up on Friday!

Bookish Scented Candles


  • Jumbo magnetic Bookmark
  • Handmade
  • $4.59 + Shipping
  • This site has many more options than this one, but this on was just to Purr-fect to not use...
  • CraftedVan Etsy page

  • Tibetan silver sword Bookmark
  • Made in the UK
  • $13.00 + Shipping
  • I have one of these bookmarks and they are one of my favorite that I own, and believe me I have a ton of bookmarks.
  • This shop also has bookish jewelry
  • StuwahaCreations Etsy Page

  • A Personalized Steel Bookmark
  • These are great gifts to give alone or in junction with a book! I am ordering a few for the holiday season as well.
  • Price: $8.00
  • Etsy Page

Bookish Art:

  • Bookish Art print on a dictionary page
  • Choose from an array of quotes 
  • Many sizes 
  • Price: $9.90
  • PrintsVariet Etsy Page

  • Bookish Letters (recycled from old books)
  • Choose from many letters
  • Add some amazing conversation staters to your shelves with these book letter cutouts
  • Price: $13.00
  • Etsy Store Page

  • Geode Bookends!
  • These come in an array of unique colors and styles.
  • I want them for christmas as well, and they are currently on SALE!
  • Price: $28.80
  • Rock Paradise Etsy Page

These are by no means the only things you can give a booknerd to make them happy, items such as books and bookstore gift cards are wonderful as well! 

Happy Holidays From: Wil & :)


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