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  1. You must be atleast 18 years old, or have you parents permission to give out your address.
  2. You must be a reader of my blog, regularly not just coming in for a giveaway
  3. You MUST comment down in the comments box what your favorite post is to see from me.
  4. U.S.A only, international shipping is far too expensive at this time.
  5. It will end on January 1st 2016 at 8:00 AM
  6. I will Announce the winner in a Comment, on this post, so keep checking in. At which time I will also post the email for you to send the address to.
What you will Win:

Many of these books I have read and liked, but don't feel the urge to keep them on my shelves, however some I have purchased nicer editions of so these are by no means second rate books that I hated but more like books that were okay and not something I'll reread. 

Happy Commenting!


  1. Hi! I like the posts where you have a long list of "I liked this book because..." or "Name a book with a character that ____" They're more fun than the longer reviews, giving me a quick recommendation of a particular book or series.

  2. Thanks Emily! I have taken this into consideration moving into the New Year, check out my new years goals on the 31st of December to see how I will be changing that long and sometimes too drawn out review style I have.

  3. I agree with Emily about the posts with a lot of short items -- I don't dare read the longer reviews of things I have not yet read (that's how I roll in general, though). The mentions of books with a quick "what was good/bad about it" make me curious!

    I think Emily and I should win and share the prize -- we are good at sharing books, right Emily? :-)

  4. The Winner is..... EMILY! I will have the books with me at school for you to get.


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