Time and Place Book Tag!

Time and Place Tag!
This book tag was created by Jen from Jen Campbell on youtube, to encourage us as book loves to look and see what books hold special memories or mean special things to us because of where we read them. Jen's video will be linked at the bottom of the post!

  • Pick out ten books from your shelves and tell us about what is special about when and where you read this book, maybe a little about the plot.
Answers: I have only chosen eight because they are my most memorable.
  • The Wolf Gift By: Anne Rice
    • I read this one summer about two years ago, when my girlfriend and I first got together. Her family travels to Michigan each summer to see family, and I had the brilliant plan to have a single book that we read a part of everyday to talk about. This book was the first book we ever did that with, I think it made us closer for that,too. I also remember I was at Scout camp reading by flashlight at night and sending her messages even though no technology was allowed at the camp.
  • Let's Get Lost By: Adi Alsaid 
    • This book is special to me because it is the first book that I had direct contact with the author via email! I read this book and instantaneously sought out Adi and began talking to him about a lot, reading his book, where his tour stops would be, and just getting to know him. Finally one day he agreed to do an interview vial E-mail for the blog! Later his second book released and I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC from the publisher to read! This book started a great author relationship.
  • This one Summer By: Mariko Tamaki and Jillean Tomaki
    • This is one of the few graphic novels that I have read and loved! It also happens to be the book that I read in part of the first ever BookTubeathon! This was my first foray into graphic works, and I picked it up in the strand when I went with my high school class, ahh the miracles that happened in that bookshop!
  • The Graveyard Book By: Neil Gaiman
    • This book I read only two years ago, but this story had such an impact on me that I used one of the last lines as my senior page in the yearbook quote. This is a haunting and harrowing tale of the fine line of life and death, as well as some of the most touching friendships ever to be written on the page! "Face your life, Its pain, its pleasure, Leave no path untaken."(Gaiman 306) That quote in context had me sobbing and steadfastly motivated to get up and follow my dreams no matter how hard life gets. 
  • Station Eleven By: Emily St. John Mendel
    • This book holds a hugely special space in my heart, even though I despised it the first time I read it. This was the last book I read before shipping off to college; the last book I read as a "child". Though I was very rushed with reading this book, I feel like I deserve to give it another chance and savor it. I was so frantic when I read it I do not think I gave it the proper chances it deserves.
  • Look Me In The Eyes By: John Elder Robison 
    • This was my Universities common book for convocation, I listened to this man speak about Asperger's and what it is like to grow up wth the disease, he is an amazing man! Not to mention he signed my book and I quote, "To a Fine Fellow Geek!"  I felt so happy that he recognized me as a geek because to be honest no matter how much I try to hide it, i cannot. 
  • The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet By: Becky Chambers 
    • This book though it is short was the book I read for the majority of first semester at UNI because I was still trying to figure out how to balance all of my activities and the blog. It also happened to be one of my favorites that I finished this year!
  • Dune By: Frank Herbert
    • This one I have not read yet, although my best friend on Booktube, Kaitlin from Kitty G sent this book to me as a secret santa exchange this past Christmas! It means a lot to me to know that I can have such great friends who I have never actually met, even though it feels like I have known her for a lifetime.

Happy reading all!
I'll be back Monday with another post...


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