How I Rate Books

How I Rate Books:

Rating books as I am sure you know I tend to give relatively high ratings to all the books I read and I want to clarify why I give such high ratings on my books I read. 

Rating System:
  • 5 Stars: 
    • This book was absolutely amazing! I love everything about it! In some cases there are minute issues I had with the book, but they were not enough to remove a star from the rating.
  • 4 Stars: 
    • This book has some great plot points and characters, although something was off and I had to give it one less star. I tend to give this rating if I found it to have a slower pace for no reason, or if the characters were not as fleshed out as I would like.
  • 3 Stars: 
    • This is very rare for me to give a book this rating, as you all will know. I usually reserve this for books where the plot was intriguing, but the characters may have been a little underdeveloped and nothing really enticed me to continue reading onward in the story. 
  • 2 Stars: 
    • This would be a book that was meh, okay but nothing I would recommend to a friend or an avid reader. Enter these books at your own risk; I found the book to be flat and underwhelming.
  • 1 Star: 
    • If I am ever rash enough to put this as a rating, you better run for the hills because I will usually post a full blown rant on why I hated the book.

 I made this post in response to a comment I got from a great friend, that I should be more critical to my reading tastes and how I rate books, because it is not the best for a reviewer to have varied opinions. I agree with this idea that I can be more critical of my books, but I would love to discuss why I read and how I rate the books that I read. 

Why I Read: 
  • For fun 
    • I read to escape and have fun diving into a good book and exploring the worlds that the author can weave. 
  • I read to broaden my views.
    • Though I mainly read fantasy and science fiction, I read to broaden my views on many topics in society. I feel like if you read deeper into the books you can find much more meaning within them, I also read some classics and literary works though I hardly review them. 
  • I read for the stories!
    • The stories I find expose me to many things that I am unable to experience in the live and real world, my friend Jenna has a song that my blog is named after and it explains my love for reading exactly.


  1. Interesting to read about how you rate things Wil


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