Booktube SFF Babbles

Booktube SFF Babbles!

Hello everyone, I am bending todays Booktube SFF Babble topic slightly. The topic is supposed to be top underrated fantasy novels, however because I don't read much that is not mainstream with this community I wil be telling you the top books I am ashamed to not have read. 

And the Books are...:
  1. The Lies of Lock Lamora
    1. By: Scott Lynch 
    2. I have heard so many great things about this series and have owned my copy since discovering Booktube, so I reaaly need to work on getting to this book. It sounds like the perfect heist.
  2. The Way of Kings
    1. By: Brandon Sanderson
    2. I cannot tell you why I have been putting this one off, I LOVE Sanderson's works so I should have picked this up ages ago. However I feel like the size has me daunted slightly.
  3. The Blade Itself
    1. By: Joe Abacrombie
    2. This is a prime example of grim dark fantasy and I have still yet to read it :( 
  4. The Farseer Trilogy 
    1. By: Robin Hobb 
    2. These are some of my friends on Booktubes favorite books so I once again need to get to them, however the books increasing size has delayed my reading of them.
  5. Finishing the Song Of Ice and Fire Trilogy
    1. By: George RR Martin 
    2. This book series is so well renown and I read Game Of Thrones and loved it but once again I never continued on because that one took me so precariously long to finish... I plan to get through more of the series this summer.
Just so you guys all know I am NOT DNFing these books, they all are just way too time consuming for me to read at the moment while I am at UNI so I will be making an effort this summer to catch up with these books, because i would love to read them.

Questions of the Post:
  • What are some underhyped fantasy novels you love?
  • What book are you most ashamed for not having read yet? 
  • What are you currently reading?
Answer these in the comments bellow :)
Happy Reading!
See you tomorrow at the same time for a review of Carry On!


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