My Short Story Endeaver

My Short Story Endeavor!

As I am sure you all will know, the world of short stories is huge! With many different magazines publishing them, as well as short fiction anthologies, it can be intimidating to know where to start in this startlingly large genre. I began my love for the short story in a class that I am taking in University called the American Short Story, we have been reading classical literary stories for the whole semester. I have found this way to be the best possible way for me to still enjoy the depth of classics without having to commit as much time to the story. 

How I intend to read short fiction:

  1. My Uni short story class book has many stories in it for me to still complete after the course is over, so I may keep reading them and giving a brief synopsis of them and snip it review here on the blog.
  2. I have some subscriptions to ClarkesWorld magazine and Apex magazine... These I intend to pick up one issue a month and try to complete it in the month.
  3. These will be the place holders when I am not ready to move on into something larger and more time consuming.
Why I Love Short Fiction:
  • The length allows me to pick something up and read it quickly within an hour, without having to give the dramatic time commitment of starting a new novel.
  • They can diversify my reading because the content can be from a wide selection of authors in one magazine.
  • This also allows me to try out many new authors that I would not have before.
My Goals:
  1. To complete my AJ Fikry short fiction challenge by reading each short story mentioned in that book by the end of the year... Though I am a month behind I will catch up.
  2. Read the short fiction SFF magazines that I have subscribed to and give you guys a snip it review of that months issue with my favorite stories listed.
  3. To continue reading from my Literary short fiction anthology throughout the summer.

Everyone, have you read much short fiction? If you have could you leave anthology recommendations bellow in the comments? :)

Happy Reading! 
I'll see you on Friday hopefully with a review of Carry On by: Rainbow Rowell!


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