Allegiant Movie Rant!

Allegiant Movie RANT!
Be warned, SPOILERS below for the book and movie!

  • The movie omitted large scenes from the book and changed the ending entirely!
    • Things omitted:
      • Tris's death 
      • The stone statue with water dripping on it in the "outer world" 
      • The character Uriah
      • Peter's mind being wiped and his hilarious escapade!
    • Changes made: 
      • Tris and David meet the council of the bureau in Providence RI!
      • Four is more anst filled!
      • General small changes that just dig under my skin.... 
My Thoughts: 
  • My view of this movie:
    • This movie would be fine on its own, although as a companionto the book it is sub par.
    • This franchise I personally feel is just pulling in the money from loyal book lovers.
    • I am unaware  if this franchise bought the rights outright or if they have input from Veronica Roth. 
      • If they bought the rights out then I can see some changes, though this much of a dramatic change you need to tell people it, I can only say that the only similarrity is the characters names. 
      • This movie just makes me mad that they changed so much throughout the story and tried to create a new story.
All in all this movie will be good if you are not a stickler for movies following their books, if you are a stickler it is going to be almost painful to watch...

Happy Reading!


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