Booktube SFF Babbles 3-24

Favorite Fantasy Authors!
Booktube SFF Babbles 3-24-16

This lovely section of the Booktube SFF Awards season was created by my good friend Paul from A Common Touch Of Fantasy on Youtube! Each week for the duration of the awards show we will be going to have a discussion post to pull all the readers together and then get a great conversation going. Here is my contribution to this weeks topic, our favorite fantasy authors/ books!

  • Brandon Sanderson
    • You all saw this one coming :) I love his writing and all of his world building, and characters! He has an easy style with some great plot lines!
  • Leigh Bardugo 
    • She wrote the Grisha Trilogy, and Six Of Crows. These books hold some amazing world building with a great world resembling Russia! I personally am fascinated with Russia and their culture and her writing captures the nuances of Russia to my liking! She built the world to be vivid and inviting for someone from the eastern world I am enthralled by everything she writes.
  • Sarah J Maas 
    • Her Throne of Glass series has me hooked! I still have to continue with the series but the books have me engaged all the way through once I start them :) She writes for the YA audience which adds extra speed to the already fast moving and addictive plot!
  • Allison Goodman
    • Eon & Eona are two of the more evocative stories I have read in the fantasy genre! She combines the eastern worlds of China and Asia. I loved the myths and legends she created in these books!
  • The Graveyard Book 
    • By: Neil Gaiman  This novel holds a special in my heart because I used a quote from this book in my Senior yearbook page last year. I absolutely adore this book even though this time the old stereotypes of paranormal do not ruin this book as they often do in other books.
  • The Wolf Gift 
    • By: Ann Rice This book is amazing! This book holds a thick layer of myth and gorgeous settings in California. This book also probably holds my very favorite house every seen in a book. 
  • The Name of the Wind
    • By: Patrick Rothfuss This book holds a unique and imaginative world. I love all of the characters and powers leaden in this world! I need to get into the sequel very soon!


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