And the winner is....

Giveaway Winner!

For this selection process I used an online random comment generator site, and the winner of this, who will be winning the UK Mistborn Box Set and a UK copy of the Alloy of Law is.....


Paul, in order to receive this set you just need to get me your address and I will ship the set by the beginning of next week! I want to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway! I am hoping to have more giveaways up soon with some books that I will be UnHauling to make room on my shelves for the books I have bought while I was at University.

Keep an eye on the blog, Wednesday there will be an exciting post, about my summer bookish plans :) Once again thank you to everyone who entered, you all make blogging mean as much as it does to me. 
Happy Reading, 
I'll Chat with you on Wednesday!


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