Todays Ramblings
Hello everyone, I am coming to you today from my bedroom with a box filled with the parts to build a new bookcase :) I am in need of having a new bookcase, so today I decided I was going to go out and get one to construct and put my books from university away.


  1. Have room for the books I own and the ones I buy next ;)
  2. Re-arrange my room to fit all my books and create a filming space for when I start my Youtube channel in the summer.

Discussion Questions:
  1. How many bookcases to you all have?
  2. How do you organize your shelves? 
  3. When you are UnHauling books, how do you go about choosing which ones to get rid of.
  4. what is your favorite editions of classics? 
    1. If I were to get any editions what would you recommend?

Short story reviews will be live on Wednesday! 

Happy Reading:)


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