Booktube SFF Babbles

Shortlist Reactions!
This is a segment of the Booktube SFF awards, where they are giving the people reading the works time to chat about the topics given on the Goodreads list. 

Short Works: 
  • I have actually not read any of these but I am so excited for the Sanderson novella!
    • Sanderson has me intrigued on all of his books but I am hearing very mixed things about this novella unfortunately.
  • I plan on trying to read these in order of the read-alongs because they are short it should only take me a few hours to read these works...
  • I am also in a short fiction course at UNI so I am happy that there are some SFF shortworks on this lists!
  • I have actually read two out of the four nominees! 
    • Shadows of Self By: Brandon Sanderson
    • A Darker Shade of Magic By: VE Schwab 
  • I am excited to finish Uprooted By: Naomi Novik because I had started to read this early last year and never finished it.
  • I am also curious to read the Fifth Season By: NK Jemison because when I first became aware of the booktube community I saw this book flying around, so I am now glad to see an excuse for me to read this book!
Graphic Works:
  • I am not a big graphic novel fan, because I feel that the characters are harder for me to like. I cant tell you why but that has always been the case.
  • I am very excited for the Descender graphic novel, it seems like just the sci-fi thing that I need :) 
  • Saga volume 5 is nominated, but I need to read the entire series to catch up which could prove challengin although I love the art style.
YA Nominees:
  • I read a lot of YA in the past but have fallen behind recently, so seeing these nominees has me so excited to get back into the fun and fast paced genre.
  • I am starting Carry On today and I have loved what I got through so far, but I need to read more before I have some actual thoughts. 
  • Illuminae should be very uniques because of the style that it is written in with many files and texts and emails to tell the story. I have never read a book with this formatting so I am eager to try it :)
I am so excited I cannot contain it and I am stupidly going to try to read all of the nominees, and keep up with my school work and life in general. I am determined to read them all, I will review the works as I go and then at the end of the awards I will post giving short synopsis of my thoughts on them all. 

What are your thoughts on the nominees? 
How many of them have you read, or do you plan to read?

Happy Reading!


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