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Booktuber Recommendations!
As you all know, I am a big Youtube viewer and I have so many amazing channels to recommend to you guys to go and check out! All of these people are great people and have given me the inspiration to begin the blog!

And The Nominees are...
  • Kaitlin From KittyG: She has been one of the nicest people on booktube, she reads so much. She loves to read Fantasy and has recently been getting into the literary genre and short fiction! You all should check her out, she is so nice, funny and welcomes everyone into the community!
  • James Chatham From James Chatham: He is one of the best people to watch if you want to see horror reviews, and the occasional musical video. He is upfront and realistic in  his reviews, telling you his thoughts how they are with little sugar coating. Awesome reviewer and in general if you ever can talk to him he is a very interesting person indeed.
  • Chelsea From TheReadingOutlaw: Chelsea is another one of those people who helped to bring me into the blogging world and was so incredibly welcoming while I was figuring stuff out. She reads a wide range of books including YA, Sci-fi, fantasy, and literary fiction/ classics. She is the one stop shop for all things bookish! Her rainbow bookshelf tour is also very impressive. 
  • Paul From ACommonTouchOfFantasy: He is an amazing person who reads a ton of fantasy as you might guess, although he is slowly broadening his reach into many other genres! If you want chances to see liveshows, he has a ton up and is constantly doing new and fun things, never a dull moment on his channel.
  • Rachel From Kalanadi: Rachel reads a lot of backlist fantasy with a smattering of literary fiction and sci-fi, she is one to keep on your subscription feed because she has so many unique books to recommend! Her dry humor also cracks me up! She is a funny, quirky and amazing booktuber, check her channel out.
  • Thomas From SFF180: If you have not seen his Mailbag Monday videos yet, you are missing out! He gets tons of books from publishers and features them on his channel, you can count on him informing you on new releases. His channel has some killer reviews as well as some amazing Booktube SFF Awards show videos!
  • Shannon From Leaning Lights: She is so amazing, always willing to talk to you on Twitter or in the comments of her videos! She reads a variety of things, mainly YA and some graphic novels with a sprinkling of fantasy throughout. She makes great videos on a regular basis, which are excellent quality, showing off her bright and happy personality.
  • Reagan From Peruse Project: She introduced me to Booktube in general, she reads almost everything you can imagine except horror. She got me into the Mistborn Trilogy because she was raving about it so much! She is loud and proud of everything she reads, a must see!
  • Luisina From MyReadingGlasses: She is one of my friends on Voxer she is from South America and has an amazing taste for books! She reads fantasy, classics, and some YA she makes videos occasionally but when she does they are definitely fun!
  • Brock From Let's Read: This man is the spreadsheet King of Booktube, he creates this massive and extensive file for everyone to download and track their reading progress on, it has Goodreads beat by a mile! He has some excellent and fun videos up about readathons, and quite a few reviews and tags, all around he deserves way more subscribers than he has!

These people are amazing at everything they do on their channels, and are in need of more love, go check them out! 

Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation Wil!


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