Writing Reviews

Writing Reviews:
School vs. Blog 

I do not know how many of you know this about me, but I am a Biology major in university at the moment and with the end of the semester next week I have had projects out my ears. I recently was required to read two scientific books on a topic called Sociobiology, which is just a field that uses biology and social sciences to analyze human behavior. When we completed these books we had to write a 10-20 page book review/analysis for the fields reputability, and while writing this paper I realized how much I genuinely don't like writing scientific reviews compared to the ones you all see here. So todays late post for Friday is a discussion on why I enjoy blog format reviews better than scientific journal review writing. 

Blog reviews:
  • I am writing about the fictional books of my choosing, which makes writing and discussing them all the better!
  • I have bookish people reading them and getting to see my thoughts, and not necessarily critiquing my work as will be done in the journal reviews I have to write.
  • You guys can talk back, though you often do not comment I still have hope you guys are enjoying the content. 
  • I am able to discuss themes that I find within the novels and relate them to modern day. 
  • Recommending books is my JAM! I love having the chance to show you guys what great books that I have read in hopes that you will be able to pick them and read them and enjoy them too. 
Science Journal "style" Reviews: 
  • I dislike how my work is going to get critiqued and graded by my peers and professors. 
  • I enjoy the fact that the majority of my in real life friends can read them and we can discuss my field of study, sometimes at a heated level. 
  • Writing them allows me to take on another role as the scientist and theoretical critic, which I do not often get to do but I love getting the chance to discuss and theorize within my field. 
  • The intellectual challenge: This is something that I despise while writing, but when I am complete it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. This feeling is similar to tackling a new 800 page book.
Needless to say these are two very different aspects of my life that I wanted to discuss with you all and see what your opinions were on writing for a blog or for fun compared to writing for school of any kind. I am indifferent, because I write each for different reasons therefor comparing them is quite hard to do. Writing is a finicky thing, in many ways you can make your own mark wth writing, however with school assigned writing you are forced to write for a specific topic thus removing most of the creativity.

This week the posts will be going up live on Monday Wednesday and Friday at 1PM EST, due to finals week.

I hope all is well and that you guys are reading some great things, even though studying has eaten my life. 

Happy Reading!


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