GenreThon 2016!

This read-a-thon has been flying around Youtube and the Bookish community it was created by these lovely booktubers: 

This readathon was created in a way to make people read genres that they would normally avoid. So I naturally have decided that my life is not crazy enough and that I should try to participate in this readathon during my already jam packed week! I have picked three books total to read for the week and one to continue on with. 

  • The Fifth Season, By: NK Jemisin
    • I am 180 pages into this and need to finish this during the week!
Graphic Novel
  • Nimona, By: Noel Stephenson 
    • This is a nomination for the Booktube SFF awards, that I have to read and I know it will be a quick read this week.
  • We Should All Be Feminists, By: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 
    • I need to broaden my views on feminism and what it actually qualifies as, therefore I am going to be reading this and a selection of other books and posting about what feminism means to me. 
Total Page Count: 592

Lets see if I am going to be able to read these this week with everything going on in my academic life. What are you all going to be reading this week for the Genrethon readathon? I am very excited to announce my participation in this readathon, and my goal of reading more in my busy schedule.

(Photo by Me)


  1. I have finished We Should all be Feminists, and am halfway through Nimona! I will have a review of Nimona up this Friday (4-22-16). What did you all get to read during this week long readathon?


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