Descender Vol. 1
By: Jeff Lemire

This book is a space chase at its finest! Mystery and intrigue lace the pages along with the most amazing artwork I have ever seen in a graphic novel!

General Thoughts:
  • The plot of this graphic novel is riveting and very fun to read!
  • Graphics in this book are stunning watercolors that will make you envious of the illustrator, Dustin Nguyen has.
  • The characters are funny and quirky to say the least.
  • Each character has a distinct voice and style of speaking in this book which I thought was a good point of this because I am not always able to distinguish the voices of characters in a graphic work. 

  • Unique, quirky and cool. 
  • Distinct voices paired with kitchy and cool ways to move the plot line forward. 
  • This being the first volume of hopefully many I can see that this is a great set up and introduction to all of the characters in the story.
  • The scavengers are despicable and gross even in the best of light. 
  • The Bots are fun and cool, in particular the destroyer bot who wants to kill all humans. 
  • Tim-21 is something that I can see being developed in the future for society so that the elderly would never actually be alone. 
    • If I am able to live to that age I would love to see these technologies brought into our world, although the ideas are unique and slightly ethically wrong when you are talking about giving robots a sentient state of mind.
Art Work: 
  • This artwork is very fluid and unique.
  • I have been unable to find a graphic novel  illustrated with such a large amount of detail. 
  • STUNNING! Case and Point!

 Rating: 5/5


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