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Hello everyone, I realize that I have been posting on weird days and times recently and would like to apologize for the lack of contact I have had with the book community lately. I am as I have stated many times in my last week of exams for University year one so I am a bit frazzled with that at the moment. I have been trying to bring you posts every scheduled day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am bringing this post in to replace Monday and Wednesday of this week; shockingly there will be a Friday post as well even though I am moving out that day.

I am currently in the middle of three books, and I thought I would update you all on my progress and thoughts. 

The List:
  • A Brief History of Seven Killings 
    • By: Marlon James 
    • Page 126 of 686
    • I am loving James' style of writing, it is gritty and realistic unlike many books I read. I find the setting of Jamaica to be entrancing and confusing all at once, with the tropical paradise we all envision is turned upside down. Characters to root for and hate, this book has it all. I am hoping to finish this one within the first few weeks after I am done University.
  • The Fifth Season 
    • By: NK Jemisin 
    • Page 244 of 449
    • I am reading this for the booktube SFF Awards live show, and I am thoroughly enjoying it, however I wish I could sit down and become truly immersed instead of just reading bits here and there. I am again hoping to finish this within the first week after finals!
  • Nimona
    • By: Noel Stephenson 
    • Page 100 of 256
    • This graphic novel is also a part of the Booktube SFF awards and I am actually not enjoying it as much as I had hoped to. I think the artwork is okay but nothing special and as of right now the story is slow and very childish. I am hoping to complete this on Thursday after my exam. 

These are the books that I am currently reading and hope to finish soon! What are you all reading out there in the world? See you again on Friday for a summer plans post!

Happy Reading!
~Wil From MyBookishEmpire


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