Tips: Buying Books Secondhand

I often get many of my books second hand because I am a broke college student, so I thought I would tell you how I get the best editions for cheap. These are tips that I have found useful and honestly some of them that I need to stick to more regimentally. 

Physical Bookshops:
  • Speak with the seller if you know you are looking for a particular editions of a book.
  • Search the shelves for as long as possible looking for the books.
  • Check all of the tags for discounted versions and "slightly damaged" copies.
  • Go in with a list
    • Not having a list can be dangerous to your pocket because it is a given that you find more than you have money for. 
  • Stick to your plans deviation can kill your TBR and any hope of a budget :)

  • Again go in with a list, and don't deviate from it!
  • Give a few websites a shot before ordering the books you want.
    • Check Abebooks, (Be careful if you want a specific edition on this site), then you can check for the book. 
    • Prices can change on each site, be a true bargain shopper and find the best deal for each book you want, in order to save up for that new release hardback you want. 
  • Get all of your adult hardcovers used if you can. 
  • If you are skeptical about your enjoyment of a book, buy it used!
This is how I buy my used books, I do this quite frequently and I cannot get enough of the deals, if only I could create a lot of time to read them all :) 

Discussion Questions:
  • I am curious how do you guys shop for used books? 
  • Do you have any tips to share with a broke college student? 
  • What are your favorite use bookshops? 


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